Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Clean Line & Social Media for Beginners

Ha! Looks like someone different is the Admin to the Clean Line social media accounts.   

This really is refreshing.   The original person was very good,  but it was becoming mundane.  It was like playing views with the same person for 5 years.   This new person is a bit unrefined but still fresh.   We'll work to get this guy into shape. 

On the surface this is a nice innocent tweet,  but Clean Line doesn't really want to be a part of an orchestra.  Clean Line wants to be "Slash"  the rock star with the bass guitar.

Clean Line has shown no indication or willingness to adapt to the existing transmission models at the Regional Transmission Organizations, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or at the state level.   The Clean Line Merchant Transmission Model is basically the pipeline model where all regulatory approval is done in Washington,  but that's not how transmission is done.  

Transmission is regulated at the state level with regional organizations operating the grid.   Yes,  like an orchestra, in a sense the RTO is a conductor to insure each,member does ones part.   When a need is recognized,  it is filled.

Clean Line has refused to adapt but demand everyone else accommodate to them.   They are the bass guitarist wanting the orchestra to adapt to them.  

So who is handling the Clean Line social media accounts now? Judging by writing and artistic styles, it appears to be a third Admin of the social media accounts.   So suspect Beth is still around.   There is a certain sing-song style to some posts.   As the office shrinks, it's definitely not Jimmy Glotfelty.   Get a couple late night beers in him and he goes full Scaramucci.   So has Mike gone full Donald J. Trump and taken command of the Twitter account?

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