Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Clean Line's Dream is Almost Over

The RICL case before the Illinois Supreme Court is nearing!  I do hope we can all gather on the steps of the court with Mike Skelly, Jimmy G, Hans Detweiler, and even Mark Lawlor for a group picture to commemorate the last 6 or 7 years this has been going on. Whatever the outcome, it will be a precedent for the Illinois Public Utility Act and eminent domain in Illinois.

Did anyone ever wonder what is going on at "Clean" Line headquarters about now?  They've got to be near broke and running low on investor's cash. The Rock Island "Clean" Line is dead in Iowa.  The state legislatures are moving forward with a bill to deny eminent domain with proposed for-profit Merchant Transmission Line.

Illinois is approaching oral arguments at the Illinois Supreme Court where CLEP will attempt to justify being a Public Utility with no guarantee to serve the public. If RICL is determined by the state's court not to be a Public Utility, then no eminent domain, and no eminent domain for Grain Belt Express.

Missouri has denied CLEP public utility status twice and in the process if denying the Grain Belt Express for a third time.

The Tennessee Valley Authority still has no desire to purchase 3,500 megawatts of overpriced wind energy when they have enough generation within the region for years.

It makes one wonder what the atmosphere is at "Clean" Line headquarters in Houston.  Just playing the odds and speculating here, but the culture at CLEP Central is probably very toxic, if not septic. Negativity spreads and there isn't much to be positive about there.  They've got to be close to broke.  It wouldn't be surprising if many are wondering when us their last day to work at CLEP as their seed money from investors dwindles. There is a good chance some arguing is going in about who frittered money away on this or that.  When someone misses a simple deadline with a lawyer, it wouldn't be surprising Jimmy Glotfelty goes into a hell tirade about doing your job, letting the team down, and there is no tomorrow if they fail.  Fear can be a powerful motivator for a leader.  Fear and desperation can also make a leader do some irrational things. 

With a new Administration in Washington determined to “drain the swamp” and "Clean" Line Energy desperate, does Team CLEP choose to sulk or suck up to the new Administration?

After investing so much time in lobbying the previous Administration as a proposed “clean” energy project, looks like “Clean” Line is choosing to spin as “shovel ready” projects that needs a little federal help ramming their projects through the state regulatory process.  Getting three projects added to a fake lobbyist created shovel ready infrastructure list was a slick move. 

Where does one go after spending years to forge a sweetheart deal for Plains & Eastern Clean Line?

The TVA still doesn't want their high priced wind energy from 750 miles away.    "Clean" Lie has gotten more aggressive with their politicking claiming wind energy can be delivered for a competitive 20 cents a kilowatt. The TVA is being polite but they know that's a dirty lie from Clean Line.   There isn't a single actual wind company willing to go public claiming such an absurdly low price. It looks like Clean Line is choosing vinegar over honey option when dealing with the TVA now as the company chooses an aggressive media campaign claiming to be “cheap” wind energy without providing specifics. It’s an interesting high pressure negative public relations campaign to pressure the TVA in buying high priced wind energy. 

In "Clean" Line's desperation, they've gone public with another dirty lie.   Clean Line Energy Partners llc is actually a wind energy company.   After literally years of denial, "Clean" Line is officially developing a 1,000 megawatt wind energy project out west, probably for their Centennial West "Clean" Line project.   So much for the "Clean Line Energy is not a wind company" they told the public at the informational meetings, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Skelly probably didn't want to go public with the wind farm development until after the transmission easements were secured but they're running out of money and running out if time with states denying them Public Utility Status.

It's probably a bit lonely at CLEP headquarters. They don't seem to be speaking at wind or transmission trade shows much anymore.   It makes a person wonder if the industry is shunning the "Clean" Line name for drawing focus on the worst of the industry.

Admit it Mike, the dream is almost over.  Clean Line's death is probably closer to imminent.  Then again, one man's dream is another's nightmare and this one is nearing an end.

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