Sunday, April 23, 2017

Clean Line Energy is "not" a Wind Company

How many times have we heard the propaganda drivel "Clean Line Energy Partners is not a wind energy company"?

How many times have we heard "Clean Line Energy Partners is a transmission company" like it was a propaganda conspiracy theory of fake news.

Well, guess who's now officially a wind energy company?

You one get one chance at this guess.

Yep, Clean Line Energy Partners llc is now officially a wind energy company.


Clean Line Energy Partners is developing a wind energy project in New Mexico.

This is the core of the problem with the state regulatory racket. A company like Clean Line can come in and feed a load of drivel under oath, attempt to make no obligation to serve the state's residents in hopes of gaining eminent domain powers.  Once the dust is settled the company can renege on claims made under oath and no one is held accountable.

Take a look at the STOPPATH-WV-BLOG about this mess.  Something didn't add up when Bluescape made a 50 million investment in CLEP, and the dots are starting to connect.  Once you start learning about who owned this wind farm, the ties between NRG, Bluescape,  and CLEP,  one has to ask is this really legal.   Technically, it used to be illegal, but Jimmy Glotfelty lobbied Congress back during the Bush-Cheney Administration to repeal the Public Utilities Company Holding Act (PUCHA) that limited utility companies from creating holding companies and shell companies.

ENRON would be proud of this investment scheme.   Don't forget Jayshree Desai was Mergers and Acquisition at ENRON before joining Michael Skelly at Horizon Wind Energy.

Remember when Michael Skelly stated to the Illinois Commerce Commission he didn't know what the Iowa Land Acquisition Company subsidiary of CLEP does or why it was created?   As foolish as it sounds for a CEO of a company to not know the purpose of a subsidiary, we still have to ask the same question.

Again, is the Iowa Land Acquisition Company llc related to developing a wind energy subsidiary?

Some people are probably asking "What difference does it make?  It's called vertical integration."  When Clean Line was first introduced to the public, one of our concerns was the potential of price manipulation when an unknown company desires to be a public utility and will controls the generation of "3 times the size of the Hoover Dam".  Back when Clean Line was first introduced to us, the memories of ENRON was still fresh.   Another concern was using eminent domain so Clean Line could later develop wind farms.   We were repeatedly rebuffed that "Clean Line Energy is not a wind company".   Now the red flag is waving bigger than ever.

When we see the red flags of an outside group come into our communities and promise grandiose dreams of jobs and tax money, it does us no benefit to ignore the red flags because we see the potential money.   These fly-by-night schemers are going to be gone.   The local government leaders and the community will be left to pick up the pieces.  

We see the red flags with Clean Line Energy bigger now than seven years ago.   We see the potential of abuse, potential market manipulation, problems combining a transmission company with wind farm development.   The fact that Clean Line is now openly a wind energy company after literally swearing they are not such is another confirmation this company is not legitimate and does not deserve Public Utility status in Kansas,  Iowa,  Missouri,  Illinois, Arkansas or Oklahoma. This proposed project is a privately owned and will not guarantee service to any of the states it would have had operated within.

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