Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Aspirations of Hans Detweiler

Do people at Team Clean Line even like Hans Detweiler? Probably not..

Does Hans Detweiler feels like he’s been cut, crimped, and conditioned by a New Holland moco yet?  Remember when this started and he had that hallmark of his ego trophy with the Crain’s Chicago Business article called “Helping Hans”.  He was at his peak with no idea the storm he was stepping into.  Please, go to that link.  Check out the smug look on the face of “Helping Hans”…

…and now we find ourselves headed to the Illinois Supreme Court to determine if the Rock Island Clean Line is indeed qualified to be considered a “Public Utility” in Illinois.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the oral arguments before the Illinois Supreme Court.  It will be interesting to see what the RICL attorney decides for an argument. 

 At the ICC, the ComEd expert witness made a point to say RICL aspires to be a public utility but aspirations alone doesn’t make one qualified.  One can aspire to play lead violin in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, but that does not make one qualified.   

In many ways that was the heart of the matter at the Appellate Court.   RICL still aspires to be a public utility and is looking for a court to say that’s close enough to be a Public Utility.   We shall see what the court says. 

My guess is the only wind energy Hans Detweiler will wheel is from his beanie powered generator to a 9 volt battery. 

See you at #ILSC.

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