Monday, December 7, 2015

Jimmy Glotfelty, Habitual Bifurcator

Let’s talk about Jimmy Glotfelty, the habitual bifurcator. 

Bifurcation is splitting a process into two parts.  The Iowa Utility Board has denied the Rock Island Clean Line request to split the process into two parts, not once but twice.  Now Clean Line has made the request for a third time to split the process into two parts. 

Come on, Jimmy.  The law is the law.  No other real utility has had a problem with the transmission siting process in Iowa. Should Iowa legislatures write public utility laws to conform RICL’s desired business model? 

Seriously, this is ridiculous.  Clean Line suspends its work in Iowa and has its public relation machine put out stories that it is circling its wagons.  A week later Clean Line makes a third request to split up the process of approval into two parts again. 

When does “NO MEAN NO?” How many times will Clean Line request this be split in two parts?  How many ways will RICL rephrase "bifurcation"?

Iowa has made it fairly clear the process of transmission siting cannot be split into two parts. The law is the law.  If Clean Line wants to remake the law, then work within the legislation process and circumvent Iowa residents to make the process suitable for Clean Line Energy Partners llc. 

Kinda wonder what else “Jimmy the Bifurcator” likes to split into two parts.   Maybe he is a chronic bifurcator and has to split everything into two parts.    He’s probably the kind of guy who eats all his vegetables before eating his meat.

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