Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where's Hans Detweiler?

Hey, what’s Hans Detweiler up to lately?  We used to play a “Where’s  Waldo” game with Mark Lawton because he …well he looks like Waldo with those beady eyes and wire glasses.  Instead of Waldo, the game is about to change to “Where’s Hans-do”.    Rumor is Hans Detweiler is working over Washington D.C. as a lobbyist for Clean Line.  Why?  Seriously, what is he hoping to accomplish?  There are five hypothetical theories with Han’s special purpose in Washington. 

11.        Hans is lobbying the Department of Energy for approval on Plains & Eastern Clean Line with federal eminent domain under Section 1222 of the 2005 Energy Policy Act is one hypothetical.  Maybe Clean Line Energy sees this as their last hope for a project approval.  Clean Line NEEDS eminent domain approval for at a minimum one project.  Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois have made a traditional approval impossible for the Rock Island Clean Line, Grain Belt Express, or the Plains & Eastern Clean Line.  The only hope for Clean Line is Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to give approval for Plains & Eastern.

22.        A second theory is Hans Detweiler is hypothetically lobby the US Senate for federal eminent domain.  This is even more of a long shot.  A bill has to get through the Senate Energy Committee, pass the Senate, go to the House for approval and get signed by the President as we approach an election year.  Hypothetically, even if a bill becomes law, Clean Line would have to compete with other companies for approval. 

33.       Perhaps Hans Detwieler is lobbying to be first in line if the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.  I could imagine Hans is trying to sell somebody on 500 to 750 mile long extension cords as the only legitimate option to the EPA’s proposed energy policy.  Hypothetically, even if wind energy wheeled from the Midwest to eastern states were to be a real option, there would be competition for least cost approval.  Claiming dibs on being first in line is going to be meaningless.

44.       Maybe Hans Detweiler is lobbying in Washington to prevent the APPROVAL ACT proposed by Arkansas Senator Boozman and Senator Tom Cotton.  The APPROVAL ACT would nullify any potential federal eminent domain from Section 1222 and return all authority to the states.   Section 1222 is clearly a poorly written law allowing the executive branch play favoritism. 

55.       There is one other option.  Hans Detweiler could see the Clean Line Energy Partners LLC is a sinking ship.  Hans is conceivably lobbying for himself and looking for another job.  This option makes a lot of sense.  When one considers the odds of Clean Line’s failure from lobbying, the best option for Hans Detweiler Is most likely to take advantage of potential uncertainty from the Clean Power Plan and work over Washington for the next job as Clean Line funding dwindles. 

Yes, it will be interesting when Hans pokes his head out of the ground next.  My guess it will be with a logo on another company’s shirt. If Clean Line hopes to succeed on any of these potential lobbying efforts, I have one simple suggestion.  


The faster Clean Line Energy blows through the money, the faster we all can get on with our lives.

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