Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Op-Ed in support of Iowa Wind Energy

This Hillary Clinton opinion editorial from Iowa in The Gazette is still eating at me. 

Today, rural America is an energy leader, providing clean electricity and transportation fuels to the rest of the country, reducing energy waste, and strengthening our economic competitiveness. In the past seven years, the United States has added enough wind capacity to power more than 13 million homes. Ninety nine percent of that energy comes from rural communities, creating jobs, providing a second source of income for family farms, and attracting $100 billion in new investment.
….and closing;
Smart investments in rural America aren’t rocket science — it’s just good sense that delivers for all Americans. Providing investment certainty, removing barriers, and investing in the infrastructure to deliver reliable and affordable energy to rural households and deliver rural clean energy to the rest of the country is a good start.

As president, I’ll champion what works, ensure that Americans have the tools they need to lead the world in clean energy, and stand up to those who block our way and want to keep us trapped in an energy economy of the past.

Presidential politics in Iowa is a beast all its own.  A while back a “grassroots” organization sprouted in Iowa called WINDWARD IOWA.  I still believe WINDWARD is a phony organization setup by a certain wannabe privately owned “public” utility.  When WINDWRD was first discovered, doing an internet investigation and discovered a Des Moines public relations firm and law firm looked to be setting this “grassroots” organization up.  While trying to keep up with this team, it surprised me to learn just how many national and international marketing and public relation companies had offices in Iowa.  I never imagined big name public relations firms have offices in Washington D.C>, New York City, London, and Iowa.   There is only one reason these companies keep offices in Iowa.  It is the first in the nation caucus every four years, and it is critical for a candidate to be the first out of the gate as a “winner”.    Little things like energy policy statements are probably written or heavily contributed by Iowa specific staffers who tell the candidate they are more familiar to the state’s residents and know what they want to hear. 

I don’t believe for a minute THE HILLARY CLINTON actually wrote this op-ed in The Gazette.  The words “stand up to those who block our way”, and especially the word “block” seems unusual.  Someone on the Hillary for Iowa team probably wrote the piece.   It just seems like too much of a wink to the BLOCK CLEAN LINE groups (BLOCKRICL in Iowa and Illinois).  It’s just such an unusual statement.  Draw your own conclusions but I believe someone supporting the Rock Island Clean Line included it.   Then again, let’s borrow a Hillary term and “suspend our ability of disbelief” and just go with the op-ed was written by her, and she is willing to stand up to those who block their way. 

If that’s the case.  Hillary Clinton really should learn more about Iowa and the Midwest.  Building an infrastructure to promote wind corporations at the expense of individual rights, including eminent domain for wind corporations is becoming a sensitive issue.   When it’s your home, standing up and blocking the way of international corporations and New York City billionaires is patriotic.   

Keystone was a sensitive issue in neighboring Nebraska.  Iowa is now looking at an oil pipeline crossing the state diagonally, a host of transmission projects being paid by ratepayers through cost allocations for the development and profits of wind energy corporations, and then there is the Rock Island Clean Line, the proposed privately owned “public” utility that wants eminent domain power and is now lobbying for federal eminent domain.

If a Presidential candidate really wants to engage the public, have voters believe she identifies with them, and garner attention in the Midwest, opposing eminent domain abuse from private companies who desire to be considered a public utility is the smart position.  Telling voters “I will stand up to those who block our way” is not what Midwest voters want.  People hear “I will steamroll landowners who oppose my campaign contributors”. 

Eminent domain abuse is the problem.  We want a Presidential candidate who is willing to identify that problem.  The candidate doesn’t have to say “I oppose the Rock Island Clean Line” or “I oppose the proposed Bakken pipeline”, but just identify the problem of eminent domain abuse exists and America needs to decide which infrastructure projects are needed and best for America. 

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