Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clean Line Receives Missouri Approval to Play Pocket Pool

Clean Line receives Missouri approval to play pocket pool!   It is quite funny how Clean Line will spin a denial into a positive.  They hate to state a negative, like Missouri Public Service Commission is denying Grain Belt Express a Certificate of Necessity and Public Convenience, the ability to be classified a public utility, and a chance at eminent domain. 

When Clean Line’s proposed Rock Island Clean Line first applied to the Illinois Commerce Commission, every question answered on their original testimonies were answered in the affirmative and very positive. 

When the Rock Island Clean Line was denied a Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience under Section 8-503 by the ICC, Clean Line quickly spun it as an approval under Section 8-406.   That approval alone without 8-503 prevented Clean Line from obtaining eminent domain.  Nevertheless, Clean Line got  a couple headlines as an “approval”.

Then about two weeks ago there was a headline in the Missouri Times “Clean Line Receives Pocket Approval from Legislation”.  With a subtitle “Related: Grain Belt Express project moves process forward, receiving public support”.   Nice job with the Clean Line Energy Partners llc PR Machine at implying Missouri has approved the Grain Belt Express.

So how is Clean Line Energy Partners going to spin an imminent denial of eminent domain, and consideration to be a public utility?  One humble recommendation would be to spin it as an approval for something other than the ability to build their privately owned transmission line.   Approval to pound sand, approval to pursue other ventures are a couple more suggestions. 

Oh where does Clean Line go from here?  If they chose to enter Kansas from Iowa, they would have to reapply in Illinois with a new route, and most likely reapply in Kansas also.  Then there is Nebraska. I don’t think their warm to Clean Line either.  So what’s next for Clean Line?  How strongly are they lobbying for passage of a federal eminent domain bill?    Sounds like a long shot in turning this no to a yes and forcing your eminent domain on the Midwest.

What's next?  Maybe Department of Energy denial of Plains & Eastern Clean Line.  We all know that project isn't going to happen.   

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