Friday, May 29, 2015

Where's Hans (Friend of Waldo)

Have you ever wondered what happened to Hans Detweiler.  The "Director of Development" who is supposedly in charge building the Rock Island Clean Line llc, the privately owned powerline from Spenser County Iowa to Channahon, Illinois.  This is the Hans Detweiler who has sometimes been referred as a "engineer" for the company.  The Hans Detweiler, who legend has it, was told by a local newpaper that if he wants HIS story printed a certain way, he should by an advertisement!

Looks like Hans has surfaced in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist for Clean Line Energy Partners llc.  Perhaps it is not totally surprising he is in Washington now.  The Rock Island project was denied access to eminent domain when the ICC denied approval under Section 8-503 to be a public utility.  Opposition is stiff in Iowa with proposed state legislation and Missouri looks to potentially be denying Clean Line a road to eminent domain. 

Plains & Eastern Clean Line llc is also having difficulty meeting the requirements of Section 1222 of the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  P&ECL has no customers and is not a part of a Regional Transmission Organization's long term planning.

Grain Belt Express looks like to be getting their hand slapped by Missouri and there is a good chance they will be denied.

What is a company to do?

Send the biggest cheese ball to Washington and have him cry to Senators and Congressman.  Tell them the grid is old, decrepit and America needs to invest in a new infrastructure to transport "clean" wind energy from the Midwest to Eastern urban centers.  Basically, recycle Dick Cheney's plans for federal eminent domain, but this time the same plan is for the "clean" wind by wire rather than coal by wire.

Do we really trust a feral government with eminent domain powers? 

Keep an eye on a new push in broader national articles claiming a "need" for a new grid.

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