Friday, May 22, 2015

Sec Moniz & Crony Capitalism at the Department of Energy

Crony Capitalism continues at the Department of Energy.

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed by after President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz was an agreement with “Geronimo Wind” to buy wind all the wind from a proposed Bureau County, Illinois Walnut Ridge Wind Farm.  This was to meet a Presidential Mandate for the federal government to buy 15% of its energy from renewable sources.   Here’s a link as a refreshers.   

Also, as classic propaganda, it was an Executive branch Presidential mandate to authorize this, the article from RECHARGE should the Capital Building, home of the Legislative Branch and Congress.

Well Walnut Ridge Wind Farm llc has hit a couple snags. 

Geronimo Wind (owned by Noel P. Rahn of Minnesota) sold the project to Berkshire Hathaway.  As Secretary ofEnergy Moniz parades the project as minority owned partnership with the Department of Energy,  the company sells out to Warren Buffett.   It will be interesting what Berkshire does with this project as they are clearly doing it to be a financial investor and take advantage of a potential Production Tax Credit.  Mesa Grande Band of Missions Indians was the original partner to Geronimo and supplying the investment capital.  Then again, maybe the band of Mission Indians never intended to invest one dime in Walnut Ridge, but exploit its name and flip the project to Berkshire Hathaway.  As one neighbor to Walnut Ridge put it in an BCRNEWS article;

“The federal tax credits are so rich that the companies start projects, collect subsidies and flip them to someone else,” Gerdes said. “Midwest Wind Energy flipped it, and now Geronimo sold it to BHE.”

Walnut Ridge has hit another snag.  In a federal lawsuit, since Walnut Ridge is selling 100% of its energy to the federal government, a judge has determined an Environmental Impact Study must be conducted.  Studies of this kind take years to complete and have proven to be a burden and hurdle many federal bureaucrats despise for the cost, time consumption, and preventing politically driven agendas. 

This is why America has become so jaded to Washington’s claims of “clean” energy and “minority” ownership.  Once the project is “developed” to the point right of ways are obtained, land and contracts are secured, projects are immediately sold to big business.  Development doesn’t mean build anything but to secure the necessary contracts without the burden of a larger corporation scrutiny.  This is classic crony capitalism under Secretary Moniz.

This is also why we have such a hard time with Clean Line Energy Partners llc’s claims to desire to build transmission lines across the Midwest for wind energy.  We all know there is an option to sell any and all Clean Line projects once they are “developed” to the point where easements are obtained and state approval is given. Clean Line is just a pseudo-landagent for National Grid the British utility company. 

Secretary Moniz, we all know the Department of Energy “partnership” with Plains & Eastern Clean Line to provide federal eminent domain under Sec 1222 is a crony capitalism sham.  It’s time to call off your dogs and put an end to this waste of money.  We, the people, are never going to allow over 16,000 acres of eminent domain for a project that isn’t needed.  

Secretary Moniz, you're looking good at the American Wind Energy Association.  Do mega wind corporations really need promoting by the Department of Energy?  Just a suggestion here, maybe you should go to Arkansas and Oklahoma and meet the poeple you are asking to sacrifice so wind corporations are putting money in their pockets.

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