Friday, May 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Stands Up to Those Who BLOCK Our Way

Hillary Clinton or the Hillary PR Machine in Iowa released an op-ed in The Gazette this week.  In Classic Clinton-speak where each word needs to be measured  this opinion editorial seems a little cryptic.   

Today, rural America is an energy leader, providing clean electricity and transportation fuels to the rest of the country, reducing energy waste, and strengthening our economic competitiveness. In the past seven years, the United States has added enough wind capacity to power more than 13 million homes. Ninety nine percent of that energy comes from rural communities, creating jobs, providing a second source of income for family farms, and attracting $100 billion in new investment.

Smart investments in rural America aren’t rocket science — it’s just good sense that delivers for all Americans. Providing investment certainty, removing barriers, and investing in the infrastructure to deliver reliable and affordable energy to rural households and deliver rural clean energy to the rest of the country is a good start.

As president, I’ll champion what works, ensure that Americans have the tools they need to lead the world in clean energy, and stand up to those who block our way and want to keep us trapped in an energy economy of the past.

What does that really mean “stand up to those who block our way”?   

Does she realize there is a growing number of people who find living under the shadow os wind turbines miserable?  Does she realize we, as Americans, have an obligation to question the need for more wind energy that costs more than baseload generators? 

So where does Hillary stand on eminent domain for privately owned power lines that do not act as a public regulated utility?    Will Hillary stand up to us who  BLOCK 500 mile HVDC extension cords  Maybe this is mamby-pamby rhetoric from a politician with no core beliefs but I get a little nervous when a candidate for US President chooses  such rhetoric. 
Do rural lives matter to Hillary or is she just grateful for their sacrifice in providing “clean” energy to the masses?

Does Hillary realize there number of voters who oppose abusing eminent domain for private corporation who make money from the utility industry?

Maybe this is just paranoia.  It just seems strange Hillary doesn’t come out and state she oppose ….coal generation ….nuclear generation….or other corporations who oppose greater use of wind generation.  Instead she choose to state “stand up to those who block our way” in her last sentence. 

What about the rights and freedoms of the individual.  Should the freedom of the individual and property rights be steamrolled because they inconveniently "BLOCK OUR WAY" to allow wind corporations and privately owned powerlines to profit? 

Hillary, this isn't a subject where you should play political footsy to garner votes.  If you support eminent domain to build more powerlines to supply urban residents with wind energy, then say it.   #RuralLivesDontMatter

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