Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hans Detweiller Gets a Promotion

Congratulations on the promotion Hans!

Hans Detweiller has been promoted.  He is no longer a mere Project Director.  He is now a vice president….of……nothing…. perhaps.  Seriously, all his job title is “vice president” with no description, like “Vice President of North America” or “Vice President of Transmission Development”.  Frankly, we’re surprised there wasn’t a press release by Clean Line Energy Partners llc announcing his promotion.  Looks like a few other employees have also received title promotions.   It has also be noticed Clean Line is looking for replacement Project Developers.  It is interesting to see the qualifications Clean Line desires for new Project Developer, They desire an actual degree in engineering for the position. 

Isn’t it a little late for that requirement?  Clean Line must have enough Political Science majors and needs to balance itself with some people with actual experience in building transmission.  A real utility company would be requiring an engineering degree with five years of experience, and not just desire an engineering degree.

But what’s the point?  It has been purported at a Grain Belt Express informational meeting that at certain political science major (vice president of nothing) was referred to as a project engineer.  All this time and Clean Line Energy has not built one mile of a powerline.  So why need “engineers” now? 

We all know Clean Line has options to sell Plains & Eastern Clean Line, Grain Belt Express, or the Rock Island Clean Line to National Grid before construction begins on these projects.  We all know Clean Line is nothing more than glorified land agents for National Grid.  So why hire “engineers” now when political science majors are more gifted in the art of baloney. 

If there is one thing we all learned from Michael Skelly, engineers are irrelevant when a company is “developing” HVDC projects.  Keep hiring more people with a Public Relations BS type of degrees.  Heck, even Executive Vice President Jimmy Glotfelty has a political science degree. 

If there is a second thing we’ve all learned from Michael Skelly, a company’s solution to transmission opposition is to hire more project developers.  To avoid interoffice rivalries, somebody has to get a title promotion with the allusion of more authority over others.  We all know everyone at Clean Line respects Hans as little as the public.    

If there is a third thing we’ve all learned from Michael Skelly’s, a real transmission company never posts pictures and job description of the entire company’s employee team on the internet.  It humanizes the company.  Those nameless grey suits of real utility companies can be real intimidating.  By learning all the Clean Line employees, we don’t fear the company as serious faceless nameless utility executives but see them as wannabes who aspire to be some sort of utility executives.  We all know the players at team “Clean” Line better than we know the opening day lineup for the Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals. 

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