Friday, January 23, 2015

Clean Line Announces a Deal with Southwire to Source the Return Wire

First question.  Who is doing the marketing for Clean Line Energy?   We went around and around on this with the Rock Island Clean Line and the announcement that Southwire was the "supplier" for RICL.  So why did Clean Line make the same marketing faux pau?

So the Southwire Flora facility is the "source components" at the Flora facility?  Just what does that mean to "source components"?  Again, like with Southwire's agreement for the RICL project, this does not state Southwire  will MANUFACTURE the cable at the Flora facility, but only "source components".  If this is a mistake or we're reading more into it than intended, why did Clean Line use such cryptic wording again after the PR blunder with RICL? 

To the skeptical reader, this means The cable will come from China or Brazil and be sourced at the Flora facility. 

Read more carefully.  Southwire will be the designated supplier for the designated metallic return wire.  Isn't that the small ground wires that would run along the top to the towers?  As I understand it and in layman's non-engineer terms, a HVDC powerline needs a ground return from the destination back to the source.  In some applications, like an electric fence on the farm, a ground electrode can suffice.  This is the cheaper option but causes more of an electrical pollution and corrosion.  The other option is to run a designated metalic return wire from the destination back to the source. 

So, big deal.  Southwire could source the the ground wire from the Flora Illinois facility.  Are we supposed to be impressed that Southwire would source the ground wire for the Grain Belt Express?   

FYI, it was a press release a year ago stating General Cable will MANUFACTURE the steel core for the transmission line conductors.  So General Cable will manufacture the steel core and Southwire will source the designated metallic ground wire.  So where are they sourcing this cable from?

And what's up with that picture?  Is Southwire also making prefab igloos in Flora, Illinois? 

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