Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Letter to Secretary Moniz Concerning Plains & Eastern Clean Line

Watching what Clean Line Energy is attempting with Plains & Eastern Clean Line has me troubled.  Sec 1222 of the 2005 Energy Policy Act was intended to promote hydroelectric generation in the SPA.  It was never the intent of Sec1222 to be used by a transmission startup llc to circumvent a rejection by a state utility commission. 

Arkansas rejected Clean Line's request for public utility status and refuses to give Clean Line eminent domain powers.  The sole purpose of the Department of Energy's involvement in Plains & Eastern Clean Line is to obtain the easement from private landowners through Arkansas.  With the Department of Energy obtaining only the easement through Arkansas, the DoE can stay under the funding cap in Sec 1222. 
Put simply, this abuse is a bastardization of Sec 1222.  It was never intended to support a company with a lower standard of eminent domain to acquire easements from private citizens for a 750 mile privately owned powerline.   For the DoE to approve Plains & Eastern Clean Line llc, the threat of further eminent domain abuse to advance political agenda is amplified.  This is the government picking "winners" and "losers" with those of us living in the path of a proposed easement as the designated losers. 
The potential precedent set here would stretch across all of America as any misuse of eminent domain intent will be accepted.  Should Clean  Line Energy fail to obtain public utility status in Illinois for the Rock Island Clean Line, what other form of federal eminent domain will be used to circumvent the rule of law?  Will the Department of Energy provide the heavy hammer of eminent domain through means other than Sec 1222?  Will the Department of Agriculture be Clean Line Energy's new "friend" in Washington.  

The disagreement between the public and the government of eminent domain abuse in this situation has the potential to be bigger than Keystone pipeline and the Bureau of Land Management's fiasco in Nevada combined.  Mr Secretary, I urge you to not take the Department of Energy and America down this path.  The public will not support America going down this road. 
Eminent domain should not be used to advance a political agenda.  Eminent domain should only be used as a last resort and not to promote profit for wind energy corporations.
Thank you for your consideration Secretary Moniz.

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