Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pooping Picassos, Pleasant Past times, Peaceful Pleasures and Pecuniary Perfidy.

One day at school, more than 30 years ago, my classmate Michael Zilkha asked me: "Do your family have any Picassos, Utley?"
"Yes," I said, quick as a flash. "We hang them in the loo."
"That's where we hang ours!" said Zilkha. "It's the best place, isn't it? You can really look at them in peace."
I narrowed my eyes at him and the awful realisation dawned on me that he wasn't joking.

This is hilarious.  It really is.  

 While Tom Utley, the author of the above story, is from the United Kingdom, I can relate to him.  Rural America has a very similar difference in priorities and level of reality with the billionaires behind Clean Line Energy Partners.  Tom Utley’s makes an excellent commentary about private versus public education.

Maybe the loo is the best place to hang a Picasso or perhaps it’s an interesting level of disengagement.  Sociology can be a funny thing as learning the wealth of a family is perhaps the last bit of childhood innocence as we grow up.  Actually, I didn’t realize how “poor” our family was until I left home and went to college.  Perhaps this came earleir for Utley because he went to a private school at Westminster. 

In his conclusion, Utley offers some excellent advice.

Indeed, when I win the lottery, I'm going to take Michael Zilkha's advice and hang my Picasso in the loo, where I can look at it in perfect peace.
You don't pick up tips like that at just any old school.

Michael Zilkha is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever not met.  He comes from a different world with a much different perspective.  No, he is no Koch Brothers of George Soros.  He is not to be blamed for all the evils in America.  Actually, if there was a list of people I’d like to meet, Michael Zilkha would be on the top, but I don’t plan on spending a few thousands to attend a conservatory fund raiser to meet him. 

I just disagree with the idea of using eminent domain to promote a billionaire’s speculation flip project.  This is our farms and our homes, and not a house fixer-upper flip project.   While Michael Zilkha comes from a different world, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma is our home and worthy for fighting for our land.  Zilkha is a formable challenge.  He doesn’t lose often.  Good luck finding a story on the internet where he lost and didn’t get what he wanted.  This is still our homes and still our America where private ownership has always been sacred since James Madison and the Bill of Rights. 

I wish I knew what Picasso Michael Zilkha’s family kept in the loo.  

 This is not a Picasso!

But another proposed grid buildout for "wind" or 

is it for coal

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