Sunday, March 2, 2014

Propaganda about the New "Promised Land" News

Well this is an interesting piece of propaganda ca-ca wiping material from the Sioux City Journal.

How many Wind Energy projects are planning to be built in O’Brien County Iowa?    According to the “author”, there is going to be so much economic development in O’Brien County there will be a housing shortage.  Economic development will abound throughout the county. 

Lets do the math here.  

     1 .        MidAmerica Energy is putting up 218 turbines on 70,000 acres plus the MISO MVP projects in Northern Iowa.  RICL wants to put a powerline into O’Brien County with the implication of more wind farms in O’Brien.  No plan has been made how this HVDC powerline will be fed.
     2.         Eurus Energy allegedly is planning more wind farms. 
     3.          Invenergy is working on a wind project in O’Brien. 
     4.         Duke ATC wants to put in a HVDC powerline into O’Brien County.

The “author” actually states in bold block print;


That’s the exact quote from the article.  This article is written like a bad movie script.  Promises of economic development.  Promises of jobs.  Promises of changing a dying community.  O’Brien County will become a Promised Land of wind energy jobs.  How many of these promises are empty and hollow?  Was the “author” of this article coached by a public relations firm?  It just reads like rosy propaganda from a company attempting to sell a community on a corporate project. 

The big thing the “author” of this article or any assistance given to the “author” misses is that as Illinois residents, we do not want Iowa surplus wind energy shoved down our throats.  There is no demand for this wind energy.  So there is a supply of wind blowing in Northwestern Iowa.  There is no demand for it, and that’s what makes these empty promises sound as hollow as an empty shell company.    In Illinois, there is a surplus of energy, regardless of form.  Illinois doesn’t need this energy.  It doesn’t matter if energy is delivered from the Rock Island Clean Line or the proposed Duke ATC high voltage direct current project from Northwestern Iowa, this energy is not needed or wanted.   

That’s what makes these propaganda promises phony.  Wind energy plus transmission from Iowa is not cheaper than existing generation in Illinois.  There is a wind farm in Illinois going bankrupt.  It’s not because the wind blows less here.  It’s because wind energy companies are struggling to make a profit with so much supply and demand not increasing.  Coal generation is losing money.  Nuclear generation is considering closing two stations in Illinois.  Illinois could lose 1,600 jobs and over 20 million dollars in tax revenue.  Why would we want to buy wind energy at a higher price for higher price from O’Brien County Iowa?  With projects “planned” by companies, how many are willing to execute their plans under current economic conditions?

That’s not going to happen.   When supporters of the Rock Island Clean Line fail to answer is a simple question.  How much will this wind energy from Iowa cost? 

If wind transmission supporter refuse to answer this simple question, how safe of an investment is this for O’Brien County residents?

One more quote from the Souix City Journal was found interesting.

A smaller vocal group of landowners is opposed to the Rock Island Clean Line. Critics fear Iowa's eminent domain law for utilities would allow Clean Line to force a sale and easement even if the landowners aren’t willing to sell.”

“A smaller vocal group of landowners”?  Where exactly does the “author” of this article get his information?  How much smaller than who or what are we referring to here?   Does the “author” have any guess how “small” an organization might be?  Is this being measured by acreage or individuals?  If the “author” of this article would take the time, I am willing to guess a membership size could be found through the Illinois Commerce Commission filings for the Rock Island Clean Line.   Here’s a suggestion for the “author” of this article.  Maybe contact the opposition group and find out just how the Rock Island Clean Line is fairing in their Illinois application. 

By the way, why is it no one can post comments to this Sioux City Journal article online?  Seriously.  Several people have tried and all have failed.  Maybe it’s an “internet malfunction”.  Coincidence?  Strange no attempt was made to contact those who oppose the transmission Rock Island Clean Line project from O’Brien to Illinois.  Multiple contacts can be found favoring the Iowa Wind Energy Association and the Rock Island Clean Line, but the “author” couldn’t find one reference for the Other Side of Clean Line Energy?  Biased Journalism?  Can you even call this journalism?

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  1. Land of milk and honey and economic prosperity. West Virginians heard exactly the same promises from the out-of-state coal barons 100 years ago. Beware!