Monday, March 3, 2014

Pitching a Speculation Project for Michael Zilkha

Hey Skelly,

Want you do the Illinois residents a favor?  Talk to Mr. Zilkha. 

Watching this FutureGen 2.0 drama playout is just too painful.  FutureGen1.0 death was painful enough.  So many people do not want to see "clean" coal succeed.  I'm just tired of hearing about it with the politics at the state and federal.  It's a slow playing drama and it's going nowhere.  Skelly, we know you are well aware about FutureGen 2.0.  How about pitching FutureGen 3.0 to Michael Zilkhs?

So here's what I propose.  Michael Zilkha buys the old Ameren power plant in Meredosia, Illinois.  Heck, Ameren is paying Dynegy to take their remaining Illinois coal plants.  Zilkha could probably have the Meredosia plant for free, or be paid to to take it. 

This FutureGen 2.0 isn't progressing to rapidly as a "clean" coal operation.  By now, people are probably searching for an exit strategy for the FuterGen 2.0 plant is on the Illinois River. 

Why not  Zilkha buy the plant on the cheap and instead of "clean" coal, run the plant on Zilkha Biomass black pellets and oxygen?  Show the world how Zilkha Biomass black pellets can run a plant efficiently and competitively.  Zilkha's managerial abilities can turn this project around.  Sending barges of black pellets around and up the Mississippi River should be fairly cost effective.    Transportation costs should be heck of a lot cheaper than sending black pellets to Maine, Hawaii, of Europe. 

Scrap the pipeline idea and pumping the CO2 into the ground.  No one really wants to live near that potential contamination.

Future 1.0 was too expensive and the artistic vision of a "clean" coal plant  was a bit George Jetson futuristic.

FutureGen 2.0 as a closed down Ameren coal plant looks a bit retro...kinda looks like Chernobyl on the river.  Nice lattice tower.  Seriously, power the thing on Zilkha Biomass pellets.  Show the world a new cost effective way to generate electricity. 


  1. I dunno... I still think the medical marijuana farm would be more appealing to our friends. You could invite the poets and the turtles to come and "get well." Everybody knows that medicated poets help save the world. Except for when the poets get the munchies and eat the turtles. That produces rather depressing prose.

  2. This could work with the right equity investor. M.S. And M.Z. in Houston have not been ruled out as equity investors in a medical cannabis cultivation center spec project. For $400,000 dollars, the equity investor would receive 40% of the potential profits. The investment doesn't have to come in all at once. $25k for the initial application . Another 200k for the permit fee later. The remainder 175k for operating expenses in the first year.

    Once set up with the state, it's a captive customer market. Payers have nowwhere else to go legally. Consumers could still see the outsourced Mexican market as a cheaper option is the state over taxes and over regulates, but the consumer's desire to be legal will force them to the state approved products.

    It's a good opportunity for an equity partner in a budding kegal industry in Illinois.

    The biomass plant on the Illinois River is a good idea of a speculation project also, but M. Z. would be going alone on that one. I couldn't offer much as a partner on that one. Too bad Zilkha Biomass couldn't make black pellets out of soybean trash. There is a great source surrounding the FutureGen 3.0 plant.