Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet Senator Mike Frerichs, Friend of Chicago Wind Corporations

Meet State Senator Mike Frerichs.  He wants to be the Illinois State Treasurer and he supports higher cost energy.  
State Senator Mike Frerich is the author of Senate Bill 103 (SB103).  He is also running for State Treasurer for the Democrat Party.  Like so many other bills there is an official title with side effects that are much larger than the implied title.  SB103 is claimed to be a “fix” for the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard.  SB 103 will actually destroy aggregation in Illinois.  It will force all energy suppliers to buy high priced boutique energies form the Illinois Power Agency.  SB103 with higher priced energy will also create an artificial demand for the Rock Island Clean Line.  

Governor Quinn arranged sweetheart deals for his friends with the Chicago wind energy corporations and the Illinois Power Agency buys energy at a high price, under SB103, there will be no choice or alternative, you must buy this energy through the hands of the Illinois Power Agency.  As a consumer we cannot choose a lower priced alternate energy supplier.  US Senator Durbin pushes through a sweetheart deal for his friends at the FutureGen “clean” coal plant, and regardless of consumer’s energy supplier, Illinois residents will have to buy this overpriced energy from the Illinois Power Agency. 

The problem isn’t the existence of the Illinois Power Agency.  If left alone from political influeneces, the IPA can probably do an effective job maintaining competition in the marketplace.  The problem is having politicians like Governor Quinn and US Senator Durbin picking winners and losers by advocating and pushing through sweetheart deals well above the market price of energy. 

Now Senator Mike Frerichs wants a law that kills aggregation, and everyone must buy energy through the Illinois Power Agency.  Kind of sounds like an example of the Obamacare model with claims of cheaper prices as the government becomes the marketplace.  Then consumers discover higher prices through governmental administration. 

It is ironic Senator Mike Freichs wants to be the Treasurer for Illinois.  The guy thinks Illinois residents are not paying enough for energy and wants to destroy aggregation also wants to be the guy in control of the state’s bank account.   Breaking up aggregation will cause electricity bills to increase.   It is classic political doublespeak when Senator Frerichs to makes the statement his opponent in the Illinois Treasurer race is “consistently siding with wealthy and powerful interests in Springfield,” with “little regard for the middle class.”

What does Senator Frerichs think breaking up aggregation and putting money in the pockets of Chicago wind energy corporations will do to the middle class? 

Senator Frerichs is the one who has little regard for the struggling middle class and eager to side with the wealthy and powerful interests in Springfield, like the Illinois Wind Energy Association.    SB103 will create a “need by promoting an artificial market for high priced wind from Illinois and Iowa wind farms. 

What is Senator Frerichs going to propose next?  Maybe an energy voucher system (like Obamacare) to help the struggling middle class pay for the hirer cost of energy.  We don’t need politicians to ruin the state’s energy market like they have ruined healthcare.  We don’t need politicians like Senator Frerichs who are eager to please their special interest friends in the energy market.  Illinois needs to keep economically priced energy.  That is one of the few things Illinois has going for it today. 

Illinois needs to create a marketplace where it is advantageous for a business to build in Illinois.  High priced energy is just another reason for manufacturing to avoid Illinois.  We don’t need higher priced energy whether it comes from Iowa through the Rock Island Clean Line or from Illinois. 

Illinois really needs is a Governor with the leadership to create a state energy policy.  There are those who say landowner opposition to the Rock Island Clean Line is a classic NIMBY issue.   This is not the case.  The arrogance of Clean Line Energy has exposed the incompetence of Governor Quinn and eagerness of politicians like Senator Frerichs to support the Chicago wind energy corporations.  

This is so much bigger than RICL.  Perhaps the dirty tactics of men like Hads Detweiler just ticked off enough farmers to push back and show the need for a better energy policy.  This is about creating a least cost reliable energy market, but who is advocating for ratepayers concerns?  It's not Mike Frerichs.  Illinois really needs leadership to create a state energy policy.  

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