Sunday, March 30, 2014

CLEP & HVDC Using Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow

We live in a weird world.  Voice of Russia picked up a story about Clean Line Energy Partner’s attempt to obtain right of way easements for the company’s speculation projects to deliver energy from the Midwest to east coast states.  “Voice of Russia”…no not Voice of America tells the story of Midwest Farmers fighting government bureaucracy and billionaires who intend to sell this project once the right of way is obtained.  Kind of a dark irony Russia picks up this story. 

Makes me wonder what happened to this country when the government works to take land away from American’s to advance a political agenda tied to billionaires money.  Then again maybe this fight has always been a part of America’s history.  Like Margaret Mitchell wrote  “The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it's the only thing that lasts."  There are plenty of examples in America’s history where David fought Goliath.  Farmers fighting corporate interests is America’s history.

Well, this is America, and the fight isn’t over.  Hopefully the Voice of Russia keeps watching the progress of those blocking GBE, RICL and CLEP.  Americans have a proud history of fighting for a little piece of dirt.  It’s just as much a part of Amercia’s history as innovation.  Thinking about the last post, it’s good to see an American CEO at NRG Energy call transmission projects like RICL, GBE and P&ECL “white elephants”.  It’s even better to read an energy company’s CEO say it is fortunate America didn’t go for the transmission lines from sea to shining sea for the windmills.

Innovation is still alive in America.  David Crane and NRG Energy shows potential with a vision of America’s energy future.  Some corporate leaders look to reinvent and reinvigorate a tired industry with a century old business model and other CEO’s parade white elephants bragging about using yesterday’s technology tomorrow.  That should be Clean Line’s mission statement.

Clean Line Energy Partners, using yesterday’s technology tomorrow to create an even dumber grid.

Clean Line brags about proposing to use old out dated technology where any consumer can see a 3,500MW HVDC powerline can make the grid less reliable.  Here’s two more quote from David Crane.  This is the future of America’s energy industry.

"You can strengthen the system all you want, but if you accept that we’re in the first stage of adaptation, the system from the 1930s isn’t going to work in the long term.”

“I don’t understand why it’s so shocking [to imagine a scenario] where the grid is, at best, an antiquated backup system to a different way of buying electricity,”

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