Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who is Funding the Center for Rural Affair's Support for RICL?

Still asking "Who is funding the Center for Rural Affairs".  Since this article in the Midwest Energy News it has been a nagging question.  Who funds the center to tell us it is their mission to speak for rural America and tell us why we should support transmission projects for billion dollar wind energy companies.  Looks like others have been asking the same question about this sham organization.

From The Cantankerous Gentleman blog. 
The last paragraph hits the same concern about the Center for Rural Affairs.

Given that the question of out-of-state donors was used relentlessly by the opponents of 423, who themselves were taking in more than $1.3 million from out-of-state, is the Center for Rural Affairs refusing to disclose its donor list because it is full of donors from far away states? Or does it have some other motivation to refuse to disclose?

Oh wait.  The Beatrice Fiddler has also asked the same question.  Who is funding the Center for Rural Affair?

 The Center for Rural Affairs is an active donor to big government political advocacy in Nebraska and it won't say where it's getting the money to do that.  ...

The Center for Rural Affairs is a federally tax-exempt corporation and, as such, it could choose to voluntarily disclose its donors on its federal tax returns.
As described here, the left/progressive Nebraska Appleseed does voluntarily disclose information to the public about all its donors.
However, as you can see from the CFRA's most recent federal tax return, it has chosen not to make donor information available to the public.
Why is that?  Are they hiding something?

From The Free it sound like George Soros was funding the Center for Rural Affairs support for ObamaCare.

The Center for Rural Affairs and Clean Line Energy are both members of Wind on the Wire.  It sure looks like the Center for Rural Affair is very protective of who is financing the Center.  Makes one wonder if there is a financial incentive for the Center for Rural Affairs to support Clean Line Energy.

It would be good for the Center for Rural Affairs to disclose its funding, or at least the funding to support Clean Line Energy, The Rock Island Clean Line and the Grain Belt Express.  Are they going to disclose their funding.  HA! Doubtful.

Thanks Aaron for point in another direction.

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