Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RICL and Their Imaginary and Real "Friends"

Clean Line Energy has a new friend, albeit an imaginary friend.  WindWard Iowa is the latest “organization” to support RICL.  As explained at STOPPATHWV, WindWar Iowa gives every indication to be a bogus front group of the Rock Island Clean Line.  Best guess, WindWar Iowa has three members, was created by a Des Moines pubic relation firm, and has a lawyer’s office for a mailing address.    

Clean Line Energy Partners has developed quite a portfolio of organizations no one has ever heard of or cared about. Besides WindWar Iowa, the Climate & Energy Project (CEP) in Kansas also is proud supporter of Clean Line Energy projects.  It’s probably not a coincidence CEP has Mark Lawlor, the Grain Belt Express Clean Line Director of Development.   Knowing Lawlor is a board member, it’s not surprising CEP supports HVDC for wind energy transmission projects. 

Clean Line’s other “friend” is the Center for Rural Affairs in Nebraska.  Even before RICL, the Center for Rural Affairs has been questioned about its donor list and why they oppose landowner rights and protection from eminent domain abuses.    

So if you’re keeping score, RICL now has three friends.

            1.       WindWar Iowa
            2.       Climate & Energy Project in Kansas
            3.       Center for Rural Affairs in Nebraska. 

None of these organizations provide RICL with legitimacy in farm communities or small towns and large urban centers don’t much care.  Creating and or supporting these organizations offer little benefit.  Perhaps these organizations offer sound bites and quotes for a willing media with implied legitimacy for RICL.   Makes me wonder how much it costs Clean Line Energy Partners to support these “rural” organizations.  

WindWar Iowa surely didn’t come cheap.  Looks like LS2 set up a website, Facebook page, and a twitter, the complete social media package.  

Creating your own imaginary friend sounds like an expensive date who quickly fades away when the money dries up.  

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