Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eminent Domain Bill Passes Committee!

House Bill  31 providing Eminent Domain Protection passes the Judiciary  Committee!

Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas are not the only states seeing a need for additional landowner protection from eminent domain abuses.  Kentucky residents are also fighting the same problems, but with a privately owned pipeline speculation project that will offer no benefit to the state’s residents.

In many ways Bluegrass Pipeline is following the same playbook as RICL. Just as RICL pushes union operators and other contractors who potentially could make money off the project to publically support the project, Bluegrass pipeline does the same.  The operator’s union is strongly supporting Bluegrass.

Similarly to Iowa, Kentucky residents are working with state representatives to pass a bill increasing eminent domain protection.  The Kentucky bill passed the Judiciary Committee today.  Congratulations Kentucky!  One step at a time. 

It’s great to see a State Representative make strong comments supporting eminent domain protection.  Today, Rep Johnny Bell addressed those attending who support the bill because they will profit from the construction.

"Those of you who are up here today to protect your jobs, we all appreciate that," the Barren County Democrat said. "Your job is important to you and it’s important to us, but I feel that a person’s property rights is one of the highest rights that we have in this country, so I vote yes on that and thank you all for being here today."

Amen!  State Representatives are starting to speak out supporting landowners!  It’s great to hear political leaders speak against those who support needless eminent domain projects because it will put money in their pocket.  Rep Johnny Bell is an inspiration to us in the Midwest who recognize this problem.  Here's another great quote from the representative.

“I see everyday citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky trying to protect what I feel is an inalienable right, a right given by a power higher than men, and that is the right to enjoy and use their property.”   Kentucky State Representative Johnny Bell

Congratulation Bluegrass Pipeline Blockade.  Clean Line Energy Partners should be worried.  Eminent domain protection bills are becoming more popular.  The Preservation of Rural Iowa is on the right path.  Keep trying. 

Which state is next?  My bet is on Arkansas Representative John Hutchinson.  He doesn’t look to be a big fan of Plains & Eastern Clean Line.  Take a look at his Facebook page.  It’s also interesting to see a few politicians have recognized few subjects stir the voters more than eminent domain.  There is no downside to this issue for a politician.

Eminent domain abuse is bigger than one transmission project or one pipeline. 

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