Monday, January 27, 2014

What the heck is a "BIN TRUCK"?

Below is an excerpt from the testimony at the ICC by the “expert” from Kiewet, the general contractor contracted by RICL. There was about six of us at the hearing who were snickering while he was giving this testimony. Keep in mind this is companies "expert" with the best rural and agriculture experience RICL and Kiewit could offer.  I don't think he gets it, or perhaps something is lost in the translation from engineer speak.

I still don’t know what he meant by a “bin truck”.  I had to Google the term.  Apparently in the UK, “bin truck” is a garbage truck.  I don’t think that is what Pierre Adams intended as farmers generally do not run garbage trucks through their fields.  I think he meant wagon or perhaps an auger cart but I have to wonder where this “expert” witness got his briefing on how to communicate with farmers.

Q. Is it true that Kiewit's going to be using at least two types of construction equipment that exert around 100 psi on the ground?
A. Possible, yes.

Q. You mention the weight of farm equipment in your testimony, I believe that's its surrebuttal testimony, is that correct?
A. I did.

Q. And just so we're both on the same page literally, that's 9.4 and starting around page 241, that's page 10-ish for you. What do you mean by bin truck in line 234 of your revised testimony?
A. A bin truck is a, it's a, it's a bin trailer that's pulled by either a tractor or it could be self propelled. And it's where the combine empties its harvest and transfers it to a machine that can be transported to market or to a silo.

Q. Okay. So you don't mean a grain trailer for like a semi tractor, this is a different specialized piece --
A. It can be.

Q. Okay. So when you say that a fully loaded trailer would apply approximately 100 psi of ground pressure is that a semi tractor trailer or is this some specialized piece of farm equipment?
A. It's just a bin truck that's got four wheels, it's carried in tandem with a tractor, weighs 35,000 pounds.

Q. So it's the farm equipment is the answer.
A. Yes.

Q. Thank you. Other than that bin truck with the remainder of your discussion of various farm implements and equipment you don't give any ground pressure values, you just give weights, is that correct?
A. What are you referring to?

“What are you referring to? “   That’s what we are still asking ourselves.

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