Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Skelly's Delusional Claims of Support at the ICC

How long is Clean Line Energy going to keep perpetuating the myth that everyone likes this company?  Below part of Michael Skelly’s testimony at the Illinois Commerce Commission.  It was a bit over the top.

Farm Bureau Attorney Question. There was testimony that you gave earlier about the activities of the other subsidiary companies that are on this organizational chart in the other states. Isn't it true that the Clean Line subsidiary Plains & Eastern Clean Line LLC was denied public utility status in Arkansas in January 2011?

Michael Skelly Answer. So we did file in Arkansas, and the Arkansas commission said that they really liked our project, but their legal framework requires that we serve load in Arkansas.

Farm Bureau Attorney Question. So to answer the question, an order was issued denying this company, Plains & Eastern Clean Line LLC public utility status in Arkansas?

Michael Skelly Answer. It was denied without prejudice.

I don’t think Arkansas loves “Clean” Line Energy so much. Why was a House Resolution proposed basically stating Arkansas hates Clean Line Energy?  Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and especially Kansas need more public officials like Arkansas Rep John Hutchinson who proposed HR 1031 last spring.  Check out his Facebook page.  He still opposes “Clean” Line Energy.

Looks like Arkansas residents are still fighting for state sovereignty against “Clean” Line Energy and the Department of Energy over Plains & Eastern Clean Line.

HR1031 submitted by Representative John Hutchinson doesn’t sound like there is a lot of love between Arkansas and “Clean” Line Energy.  In fact, it sounds like there is a lot of hostility between the state and the company.  Here is an excerpt from proposed HR1031.  Does this sound like the state love’s Clean Line?

THAT the House of Representatives encourages the United States Department of Energy to reject the application of Clean Line Energy Partners, LLC, for its Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission project in its entirety or require that the line be buried underground.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the House of Representatives encourages the Arkansas Public Service Commission to reject the application of Clean Line Energy Partners, LLC, for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to operate as a public utility within the State of Arkansas.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT upon adoption of this resolution, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives shall transmit a copy to the United States Department of Energy, the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Arkansas Congressional delegation, the Governor, and the President of the `United States.

With state elections coming up in 2014, candidates for state offices in these Midwest states need to start thinking about the position on protecting landowner rights.  If Clean Line has done anything with their P&ECL, GBE and RICL projects, it has shown the need for greater landowner protection against projects who claim to be a “public utility”.   Clearly more protection is needed from companies who think they can through a few bucks around the state capitals to garner support.  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback isn’t going to be the only governor who finds their support for Clean Line Energy to be an election issue. 

Companies like Clean Line are going to discover they cannot give enough money to politicians and buy support.  There are always primaries and the next election.  Money given to politicians only do one thing.  It buys advertising to buy votes.  When political candidates realize  taking the correct position on issues such as landowner sovereignty buys more votes than money, the Brownback’s of the Midwest are doomed.  Representative Hutchinson made a wise decision and I applaud him for placing a link to GRASSROOTSOZARK.NET on his Facebook page.  When a political candidate identifies with the people of grassroot organizations, votes are gains without the need of corporate money. 

If done properly, political war chests are about to become irrelevant as candidates learn to associate with grassroot causes.  Social media allows grassroot organizations, like GRASSROOTSOZARK.NET, to provide votes without candidate’s spending money.  It’s more about political candidates knowing what the voters value.  Right now rural voters across Midwest states identify with protection from a Houston billionaire land grab.

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  1. It must be "tough love." Clean Line's momma don't love it the right way...