Sunday, December 29, 2013

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Fortunately for Hans Detweiler, he didn't wet himself while testifiying at the ICC.  Nevertheless, I suspect he made quite an impression while representing RICL.
With his cross examination at the ICC earlier this month, Hans Detweiler very likely went a long way in making a poor first impression at the ICC hearing.  His cross examination by the ComEd attorney was interesting.  After reading the transcript, it’s very apparent Detweiler’s goal with the ComEd attorney was not about making a good first impression; it was about refusing to give proper answers, being argumentative, or just plain being a smartass.  Maybe he didn’t know it, but this wasn’t a high school political science debate.

A perfect example of Detweiler’s lack of respect for the process was at the end of the ComEd attorney’s cross examination and Detweiler suggests to the judge this would be a good time for a 5 minute bathroom break.  The judge went off the record.  We don’t know what was said but no reference was made to a bathroom break when the transcript continues.  From reading transcripts and watching the second week of the hearing it is obvious etiquette that the witness does not suggest a break.  The attorneys might suggest it or preferably the judge makes the decision on his own accord but only Hans Detweiler is so bold to say;

Your Honor, just before we start, this is a little bit after lunch and maybe five minutes for a restroom break? I don't know how long your questions are.

And let's not forget as reported by by BlockRICL Facebook, Hans was chewing and swallowing a cookie while being sworn in to testify. 
One of the best cross examinations of Hans Detweiler came from the Farm Bureau attorney, Chuck Davis.  From what I can gather, The Farm Bureau attorneys played a smaller role in RICL’s hearing at the ICC, but Farm Bureau’s questioning of Detweiler about Right of Way’s, damages, and easements was very likely key.  Davis did a great job showing the company’s inexperience in dealing with a ROW easement and paying for damages. 

It’s also interesting to see Detweiler gave out much more information to the Farm Bureau attorney.  Maybe Detweiler didn’t respect Davis as the adversary he saw with the ComEd attorney.   He wasn’t as argumentative.  Maybe in his arrogance, Detweiler wanted to show how much he knew about the construction process.  Narcissists do like to show how smart they are and fail to realize their ignorance.   Whatever the reason was, Hans gave out too much information to Chuck Davis.

We’ll get a copy of the exchange between Davis and Detweiler here in a couple of days.  There was one other interesting observation about Detweiler in the second week of testimony.  No one from Team RICL would sit next to him.  Clean Line had maybe about 12 people at the hearing and used the left half of the seats.  The front row was full of Clean Line people.  The back row was full of Clean Line people (and myself in the back inside corner).  Clean Line people would take the seats on the outside of the rows. 

Hans would sit in the center of Team RICL but everyone appeared to avoid him like a leper.  There was always plenty of empty seats around him.  It’s more than just Mayberry that doesn’t care to be helping Hans.

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