Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sage Grouse & Eagle, It's what's for Dinner

"Sage Grouse, it’s what’s for dinner."  

Maybe that should be the new Clean Line Energy advertising campaign in Iowa.  Skelly might even identify with Iowa pheasant hunters.  

I don’t know if you saw the StopPATHWV Blog Clean Line’s Skelly Says Sage Grouse Must be Sacrificed for Clean Energy, but Keryn did a great job explaining the hypocrisy of the wind industry’s willingness to kill a few species, like the Sage Grouse.   If you haven’t seen the Skelly Harvard video it’s worth seeing.  He does a great job showing the “Engulf and  Devour” mentality of the Wind Industry. 

Well, it  looks like it doesn’t stop with the sage grouse or farmers.  “Winner, Winner, Chicken Eagle Dinner!” is about to be the title of the American Wind Energy Associations next press release.  If you want to kill some eagles and do it legally, build a wind farm, and lobby, lobby, lobby.     The wind industry is on the verge of a big win as the Obama administration.  The federal government is about to say it’s OK, acceptable and perfectly legal for the “clean” wind industry to kill a “few” eagles.

Really.  Sage Grouse, it not just what’s for dinner for the Clean Line Energy.  Soon, the “clean” wind industry can legally go eagle hunting.   According to KCET.ORG the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to extend the kill permits for wind farms form the current 5 year period to a 30 year permit.  According to KETC.ORG:

            The permits, technically known as take permits under the federal Bald And Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA), will be extended to last up to 30 years from the current maximum of five years, according to a new rule that will be published Monday in the Federal Register.

Here’s the page from the Executive Office of the President of the United States  Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where President Obama says it’s OK for the wind industry to kill Eagles.

We will finalize our proposal to revise the regulations for permits for non-purposeful of take of eagles--that is, where the take is associated with, but not the purpose of, the activity. We proposed to extend the possible maximum term for programmatic permits to 30 years, as long as the permits incorporate conditions requiring the permittee to implement additional adaptive conservation measures if such measures are necessary to ensure the preservation of eagles. This change will facilitate the development of renewable energy and other projects that are designed to be in operation for many decades. These regulations will provide a measure of certainty to project proponents and their funders, while continuing to protect eagles consistent with statutory mandates. 

Now, if the coal industry was killing eagles with SOX emissions, the federal government would be showing the outrage.  Michael Skelly did say it best

There's lots of concerns about sage grouse viability and so there are real issues here.  The question is we're going to have to make some tough choices here... and some of these tough choices... and think about why we're doing this renewables stuff.  We're worried about climate change.  And we're worried about climate change because it might cause a massive species die-off.  It's possible that along the way, we may have to make very tough decisions about which species are going to do well in this massive renewables build-out and which species aren't going to do well, and those are tough decisions that our current legislation... we don't really have a mechanism to sort of figure that out.  That is a real question.

If you care to comment to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife here’s the contact
Dr. George T. Allen
Wildlife Biologist, Division of Migratory Bird Management

Looks like the Audubon Society isn’t too impressed with the Obama Administration, Interior Secretary Jewell or the wind industry either.  Click on the Audubon Society link and you can send a personalized letter to the Interior Secretary.  There's a box on the bottom of the page if you don't want email form the Audubon Society. 

This is further proof there is nothing clean about "Clean" Line Energy or the wind industry.   So let's make the Sage Grouse extinct and kill more eagles so Michael Skelly and the exec's in the wind industry can make a few more millions.


  1. That was a great illustration of Mr. Skelly from StopPATHWV Blog. It had to be recycled.

  2. SMH! When do the human "take" permits start?