Friday, December 27, 2013

Michael Skelly Explains "Rock Island Wind Line LLC"

Just remember what they keep telling us! "Rock Island Clean Line is not a wind energy company."  Okey-Dokey.  Just keep telling us that and maybe a newspaper somewhere will repeat it.  

So what is Rock Island Wind Line LLC?  Here's Michael Skelly explanation earlier this month at the ICC.   WHATEVER ROCK ISLAND WIND LINE IS, IT'S NOT A WIND ENERGY COMPANY!  Right...wink-wink.

ComEd Attorney Q. Okay. And Rock Island Wind Line LLC -- is that an -- does that entity have any operating role?
Michael Skelly A. No.

ComEd Attorney Q. What is the function of that entity, if you could describe it?
Michael Skelly A. Just give me -- if you don't mind directing me to the --

ComEd Attorney Q. Oh, sure. It's the attachment to your direct testimony or Rock Island Exhibit 1.1. It's that flow chart of the entities or organizational structure. Do you need me to repeat the question?
Michael Skelly  A. No. No. I understand the question. I am not a hundred percent sure; so I will defer to my colleague Dave Berry.

ComEd Attorney Q. Okay. As far as you know, it has no active role in management or operation of Rock Island?
Michael Skelly A. I'll defer to my colleague, if that's okay.

ComEd Attorney Q. That's fine. Is that because you don't -- you're not sure?
Michael Skelly A. I'm not sure.

ComEd Attorney Q. I believe you, in responding to another question, indicated that Clean Line was formed approximately four-and-a-half years ago; is that correct?
Michael Skelly A. Correct.

I wished someone would have asked Dave Barry about Rock Island Wind LLC.  It amazes me how many time "Ask Dave Barry" was the response.  It's better than the old standard "I don't recall" when the question is too uncomfortable to answer.  When the transcript from the second week of Clean Line comes out, maybe we can create a montage of the questions where the response was "Ask Dave Barry."

Actually, I think we can have some fun with this the when Team Clean Line gives testimonies in Iowa.  Every time someone answers a question with "Ask Dave Barry", we all shove a cookie in our mouths.  Whoever can make it to the end of the day without a stomachache or a headache from the sugar survives for the next round and day of testimony.  We'll start with Chocolate Chip,. Day two White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts.  Day three frosted sugar cookies. 

Then again, maybe Michael Skelly will do his homework for Iowa and know what the intended purpose of Rock Island Wind LLC. and some of the other companies with no employees at Clean Line Energy Partners.

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