Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Michael Skelly and Jimmy Glotfelty as "The Producers"

I do have an appreciation for the classics.  Christmas night I saw a classic movie that reminded me of Clean Line Energy Partners LLC.  No, not "It's a Wonderful Life" or Matt Damon's "Promisedland.  This movie one an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 1967.   This movie that draws several compairsons to  Clean Line Energy is Gene Wilder in the 1967 movie “The Producers”.

Am I the only one who sees a similarity between the Gene Wilder in "The Producers" (the old Mel Brooks comedy) and Michael Skelly (CEO of Clean Line Energy Partners)?  Besides the Willie-Wonka outfit, the blue suit, and the hair.

OK so one guy plays a Broadway producer that desires to produce a surefire flop and runoff with the investors' money and the other guy pretends be an energy company executive desiring to build a Merchant Transmission Line across Iowa and Illinois.  One steals the savings of old retired ladies and the other attempts to swindle landowners out of easements for a speculation project.

 If you get a chance, watching the movie, you’ll get a shiver when you see Gene Wilder and you’ll say "Holy crap that's Skelly!"  If it weren’t for the fact that Clean Line Energy Partners LLC was attempting to railroad this powerline across over 12,600, this company would be every bit the comedy by Mel Brooks.

So next time you see the old Mel Brooks satirical dark comedy about swindles, think “The Michael Skelly Story”.

It's not easy making a successful Broadway play or a successful startup in the energy business.  You have to be really really smart to be successful as a Broadway producer and the as a Houston energyCEO.

It's not much easier being really really stupid and making a flop or keeping a failed business model appear to be a legitimate business either.   In the end, both are exposed as a success or failure.

And Illinois consumers continue to question and dig deeper into this company.  It's competence and legitimacy becomes more and more questionable.

Now that I think of it, Jimmy Glotfelty also does bear a resemblance to Zero Mostel (Gene Wilder's partner in "The Producers).  Mel Brooks made a great satirical dark comedy about businessmen wanting to make failure.

The more I think about Clean Line Energy Parnters LLC after the ICC testimonies, I have to ask myself are the gang at Clean Line intentionally making a flop and trying to get state rejection.  To put it another way, for every state that has approved Clean Line as a public utility, just how low is their standards?  How much more inept does a company have to be to be rejected by a state?

Clean Line wants a right of way for less than market value of easements for utilities.  Clean Line wants to pay damages on one quarter of the right of way width.  Clean Line wants the wind energy companies ot pay for their services whether the wind blows or not.  Skelly can't even tell the court what some of the shell companies under the Clean Line Energy Partners LLC umbrella do.   Clean Line doesn't have the money to make it through 2014 without asking for more from the investors.  Clean Line claims to be an energy company but has options to sell all their projects preconstructional.  Skelly once said to enter this kind of business you have to be really smart or really stupid.  Judge for yourself, but I'm leaning to really stupid.  Maybe Skelly's goal is to be the next Enron, a Houston Energy company flop.  There's something weird here.  They just don't act like a real energy company.

Edit 12/26/13 8:52 pm
RICL'd the high school musical is going to need a bimbo.   Keep it clean, but all great Mel Brooks works have a bimbo.   So basically a creative liberty is going to have to be made and somebody is going to have to be made to fit the part for this dark satirical comedy.  Our choices are limited and the bimbo role has to imply a singularity in purpose.   Dave Berry is out.  He has too much information.  This part has to be someone who has one known sole purpose to metaphorically be the bimbo (some with only one special purpose to the organization).  It needs to be some one who works from the main office and is not tied to one project.    So Hans is out.  He's out in the field.  This role is a Houston person.  Houston let me know if you have any ideas.


  1. I bet an ample adaptation of a high school musical version of "The Producers" is doable and would be hilarious. Perhaps call it "RICL'd". Mike, Jimmy, @ the gang would make a funny satirical comedy and it would play well in Mendota. I bet it would pack the house for 3 shows.

  2. Now I had a mental image of Amy Kurt, Beth Connley, and Adhar as a chorus line. I think we can do better with the high school comedy of RICL'd.

  3. Sspringtime for Hitler and Glotfeltyyy...... Winterr for.......