Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ahh Does This Look Familair to Anyone?

How many HVDC projects do we need from Northwestern Iowa through Illinois?

Is RICL a backup for the DATC project?

Who will pay to wheel power on RICL if they can ride DATC for "free"?

Any guesses who would be paying for this HVDC powerline?
     Hint: It's not a Merchant Transmission Line.

Got Transmission Overload?

Who was it that said Illinois needs to compare all these projects and determine what is best for Illinois?

Right now I am thinking about the tipping point when PC sales overtook mainframe sales or that tipping point when cell phone installations overtook land line phones.  I do believe we have reached that tipping point with RICL where ratepayers have become aware of transmission industy's games.

RICL has indeed changed the industry by creating consumer awareness like no other transmission company. 

I have to go barf now.