Friday, November 29, 2013

The Sociology of Team Clean Line

I regret not saying this earlier, before the Iowa county meetings with the IUC.

Did anyone else notice the hierarchy of the "Clean" Line Energy management as they co-mingled outside the gym?  Jimmy and the barn coat was a big one and no one missed the intent of that one, but there was much more being played out besides Jimmy's coat.

There was a definite hierarchy with the white shirt associates, managers, and development directors staying together.  They didn’t reach out to the public much with the public being adverse to their project. 

Then there was midlevel management with Louisa Kinoshi, and a couple engineering people.  These few were a bit odd.  In some respects they looked the loneliest…except for Jayshree Desai.  While she was more identifiable with the top tier, flat out, she looked to be the most disengaged loneliest person in the building.  Even still, these few in the middle weren’t top tier but they weren’t the White Shirts at the bottom.    

The top tier of the “Clean” Line hierarchy was Jimmy G, Aaron Chambers, Jayshree and the lawyer types.  These were much more “executive” in their conduct and dress. 

It was fascinating to watch them interact outside the gymnasium.  They reminded me of what Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family) once said about watching junior high girls co-mingle and interact.  Some try to fit in.  Some KNOW they are the elite and they are what the others what to be like….and there is the wall flower.   

I found it ironic this was playing out just outside a school gymnasium.  The best place to watch such a social hierarchy is a junior high or high school basketball game with the students who aren’t there for the game, but for the socializing.

There was one person on the Clean Line team who was very comfortable in being himself.  I won’t embarrass this person by identifying him or her, but if you watched, this person’s conducted slightly more independently without playing the junior high sociology games.  In a very quiet unassuming manner, this person was much more relaxed, never showed signs of arrogance or let the “Clean” Line sell job out shadow the person’s own personality and showed an unusual relax confidence and stood out from the team quietly.  If there was one person who I would guess to be a decent person and most identifiable with the Mayberry crowd, this was it.  Perhaps Clean Line’s most underutilized asset.  With Clean Line’s inability to engage with rural Iowa and Illinois, it’s not surprising they fail to see the asset they have.

Anyway, there are a couple more county meeting in Iowa.  If you get a moment, stand back and watch how this group interacts within itself.  The hierarchy is very junior high and fascinating. You don't have to know titles.  Jut watch how they interact.

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  1. All business is just a continuation of what we learned on the playground :-)