Thursday, November 21, 2013

It ain't easy dressing like Jimmy Glotfelty

Recently, a bunch of us went to the county board meeting.  The question arose what to wear.  When I found this stiff oversized chore jacket I knew I had to wear it.


Jimmy, you thought the crowd was rough at the Mendota, Illinois public forum.  I gotta tell you Jimmy, I got a lot of critical comments from people who I thought were my friends.  

1.  Where's the dangling things on your shoes?
2.  Where's the high priced watch?
3.  You should wear khaki pants.
4.  The plaid shift is too dark.
5.  Where is the poster around your neck stating "I AM AN ENERGY COMPANY BIG SHOT"?

Jimmy, for the first time, I share a wee bit of empathy for you.  These critics are tough.

Then again, maybe Jimmy has started a new trend! Soon to be the official coat of Clean Line Opposition.

 Maybe we should listen to what our mothers always told us.  Be yourself.  If a strategist for ThopmsonWeir told you dressing like a clown will make you popular, don't do it.   People more likely will identify with someone who is trying to be themselves and no something unnatural.

  Keep the grey suit image Jimmy.  It suits you.

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