Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FERCINESE Quote of the day by Jon Wellinghoff

"I think we're seeing the Moore's law cost curve, together with entrepreneurial spirit, coming into an industry in a way that is going to overtake a monopolistic, non-innovative structure."
   - Outgoing FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff

or to put it in plain english without the FERCINESE; 

Distributed Generation Solar panels at homes is about to kick the transmission and wind industries butts.

Transmission is a dying dinosaur.  The gang at "Clean" Line just doesn't want you to know it. 

There is one energy company that isn't jumping on the transmission bandwagon.  This company is getting their house in order and preparing for a leaner future.  You'll never guess who it is.  The more I learn about this energy company, the more I like what I see.  This company doesn't want to be an irrelevant dinosaur, but I don't know if Wall Street will have the patience to see the profits of their conservative business plan.

Yes, I think solar panels, or distributed generation is about to change the energy industry and the wise companies are getting their house in order now.  The foolish energy companies are looking to hustle up a few bucks in the last days of easy money in transmission projects.  

It surprises me that the FERC chairman (the transmission industry's best friend) actually made this statement.  It's a tad convoluted and verbose, but find something coming out of FERC that isn't convoluted and verbose.  He is actually saying the truth.

Solar without major government subsidies or guaranteed profits will threaten the wind industry and the transmission industry who have both become lethargic.

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