Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ron Binz gets Borked & Blames Blood Sports

Well if you haven't heard, Ron Binz has withdrawn his nomination for FERC Chairman.  Bill at the Calhoun Powerline described it best.

Ron Binz is gone as the FERC chairman nominee.

He sites the "blood sports" of Washington as the root cause for him going back home to Colorado.  While I understood he is 64 and this would be the pinnacle of his career rather than another footnote on a resume, I had to chuckle a bit at the notion of the confirmation process being a "blood sport".

My first reaction was "What do you think FERC Order 1000 is for those of us who happen to live in its cross-hairs?"  The term blood sport is very fitting for FERC and their agenda of transmission from sea to shining sea.  To those of us who recognize the threat FERC and their hunger for "federal siting authority" this is a blood sport. 

Either fight back against unnecessary transmission, cartels with Regional Transmission Organizations and a federal government agency in FERC promoting a political agenda with "clean" energy with Order 1000, or pick you place on the cutting room floor. 

While I've only been learning about this obscure energy industry for the last year, from what I see, this is absolutely a blood sport.   If consumers, landowners, and ratepayers  choose to remain "dignified" and "professional", they will be torn apart by the industry and their friends at FERC.  Grid 2030 accurately describes the government's intention with a vision of a honeycomb of new powerlines. 

It shocked me when I read Obama turned down FERC Commissioner John Norris, because the President felt Norris was too closely aligned to coal. I found this concerning as Norris has aligned himself with transmission for "clean" energy.

If Norris was correct and he was determined to be "too pro coal" then yes, those of us living on land desired for powerlines for wind energy were in trouble with a Binz confirmation.  I won't feel too sorry for Binz and his experience. 

Welcome to our world in FERC and their Order 1000.   FERC is indeed a blood sport.

Good luck in your future endeavors back in Colorado Mr. Binz.  We'll continue to fight unnecessary powerlines in the Midwest. 


  1. Cats unite against politically motivated regulators!

    Do I smell pork?