Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jimmy's Glotfelty's Downfall

Like John Kerry wearing a Barn Jacket, Jimmy Glotfelty looks just as ridiculous.

Again, Clean Line Energy is attempting to present itself as something other than what it really is. 

We continue to ask Clean Line to be honest with us.  Quit the attempts to show an image of the company marketed to Mendota.  We ask nothing more than we asked after the first informational meeting.  Honesty about Clean Line Energy's intent.

Jimmy, start with being honest to yourself.  Don't try to be something you are not.  The John Kerry Barn Jacket is not you.  Next, maybe you should start listening to your team, or rather create an atmosphere where they can speak comfortably and honestly to you.  There has to be members of your team that thought you looked ridiculous. 

Why didn't they tell you "Jimmy, don't wear it.  If you want to look more casual, then wear the white Clean Line shift just like the rest of us"? 

Perhaps it's that arrogant attitude of yours that refuses to allow your team tell you "IT'S A BAD IDEA!"

Jimmy, wearing the plaid shirt and the John Kerry Barn Jacket was great for us.  You looked like a phoney clown.  It was the best icebreaker.  It put all of us in a more relaxed position, because we weren't trying so badly at being something we are not. If you paid an adviser to suggest wearing the jacket, don't listen to them.  Fire them.  If the Kerry Jacket was your idea, lighten up, extract the corn cob, open up, and listen to your team.  Surely they saw how ridiculous this stunt was.

Do you know how foolish it looks for you stand there and tell us how Clena Line is interested in the input of "stakeholders"?  You aren't even open enough to take the input of your team.  There had to be someone who WANTED to say "BAD IDEA, JIMMY!"

Even after a year and a half, HDR informational meetings, and two public forums, we are still waiting for the real intent of Clean Line Energy for the Rock Island Clean Line speculation project. 

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  1. I want to know where he was hiding the corn cob. I don't think I got a picture of the corn cob. Did John Kerry have a corn cob? Did John Kerry also tell a reporter that one of the advantages of DC lines is that they make the electricity "faster?" Or maybe that only happens when you're hiding corn cobs. Pass the ketchup!