Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael Skelly

Happy Birthday Mike!

Looking on your Wikipedia entry, I see today is your birthday.  Congratulations!  Maybe someday I will have a Wikipedia entry also.

I was just thinking, boy its been a long year.  12 months ago I hardly knew you, and you probably didn't have me on your radar.  Know there is so much we know about each other, but have yet to meet.

It's has certainly been a long year.   Last October we were busy writting Letters to the Editors explaining what RICL is.  I'll give you and perhaps Hans credit.  Clean Line did a very effective job in the beginning getting newspapers to print your story positioned as economic expansion.  I suspect a free lunch can go a long way with some reporters to print a desired story. It wasn't easy putting those little fires out one at a time, but we got our message out eventually.

That National Gird stunt last November was a good one also.  I can't help suspect there is something hinky about that arrangement, but I haven't found the link yet.  Maybe it's just NatGrid seeing this as a mild 40 million speculation investment.  It's not often someone, especially an investor funded company has money to speculate. 

Of course, looking back, I haven't seen any signs of NatGrid's influence in Clean Line.  There are no National Grid members to the Clean Line team.  If National Grid were supplying operational knowledge,  one would think 11 months later NatGrid's influence would have been seen.  

The early days of blogging were especially fun.  This is a fascinating industry, maybe peculiar or obtuse is a better adjective than fascinating.  Regardless of the choice of adjectives, Clean Line has shown ratepayers just how lucrative transmission can be and just how many proposed projects in the industryare irrelevant transmission projects.

Hey, speaking of irrelevant transmission,  did you see the article in The Economist?  They posted it yesterday on Twitter.  It's truly an amazing time to live as energy efficiency is taking off.  The Economist tells how the USB cable is about to change house wiring.  With the advancements in LED and CREE lighting, everything from house wiring, to creating a "smart" house could change. 

WOW!  Energefficiency is working.  Every day I am seeing more and more articles explaining how demand is not increasing.

I'll email you again later Mike.  Today we're combining down corn and I am jumping from tractor to tractor.  That wind storm in the last days of August really did a number on some fields between Route 52 and Route 34.  We're in the field with the Northern Borders pipeline and just south of your proposed easements.   It was a real strong wind and flattened a quarter of the field but fortunately we didn't lose bushels. The crop is there, but you have to drive slow to pick up the down stalks.  We're also using a corn reel on the combine.  It's kinda like the "paddle wheel" you see on a combine in a wheat field but much much taller. 

That wind last August probably wouldn't have damaged a proposed hvdc powerline.  There was no known tornado with the storm, but I still wonder how strong a wind storm it would take to knock down RICL with the transmission industry still crying about Hurricane Sandy.  It's interesting how the industry says Sandy just shows a need for more of the same powerlines, and the industry isn't advocating retrofitting improvements. 

I guess when the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, and the transmission industry see the solution to every "problem" is more powerlines.

Hey, have a good birthday.  I hope ypur cake is circled with little monopole candles.  I thought about sending a cake to the office but couldn't find a baker that delivers. 

We'll chat again later.

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