Thursday, October 31, 2013

Han's Detweiler's Backside

This is the closest I've been to Hans.  He is an interesting character.  I watched this farmer just fillet him on why this powerline is not needed and he took it with a grin and had some interaction.  Then another retired lady sneaks up behind Hans with the sticker. 

It was obvious Hans enjoyed the attention.  He looks to be one of those guys who enjoys attention no matter where it's coming from. 

And yes, it was only after seeing Jimmy in his "John Kerry Jacket" that everyone became relaxed enough to have a little fun.  He really set the town for the forum. 

BTW, the lady took the sticker off immediately after taking the picture.  As funny as it was, she couldn't let Hans walk around like that. 

Thanks for the good times. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm just thankful this is a picture of one of Hans's other body parts. I was almost afraid to click it. The other one was giving me nightmares... although now my neck is itching. That's got to be uncomfortable... I hope there's not a Mr. Photogenic award to be handed out at the end of this project. The judging is going to be rather difficult.