Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eminent Domain, Blood Sports, Billionaires, and FERC

Last Fall the President's nomination to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ron Binz, referred to the approval process in Washington as a blood sport.  Since he brought up the subject, let’s talk about blood sports. What else do you call eminent domain through private land for private gain without showing a need or be a part of any planning process?  Getting nominated to the FERC chair isn’t the bloodsport. 

FERC is the bloodsport! 

In my 43 years, I’ve seen four right of ways come through our land.  6 if you count the ROW's on the other side of the fence.  7 if you count the pipeline on the other side of the river through Serena.  Thankfully there is a silica sand pit next door to me or that pipeline probably would have wanted to go north through us also.

Now there is the proposed Rock Island “Clean” Line powerline that wants to go through on the other side of the fence at the homestead.  This is the bloodsport.  Whoever said there are more powerlines coming after RICL is correct.  

I’ve seen how FERC’s definition of “need” is becoming devalued.  To FERC a “need” for transmission from Iowa and through Illinois is a public policy statement in Virginia.  To use the terms “loose” and “easy” is a bit of an understatement and those living in the path of FERC’s political agenda.

I don’t celebrate Binz’s failure to obtain the nomination.  Yes, he got Borked.  Washington can be a bit of a  bloodsport , but the real bloodsport is going on in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois don't with unnecessary transmission projects couple with FERC "incentives" .  If we fail to fight back, FERC will support anyone walking in and take your land to meet a political agenda or an opportunity to hustle up a couple bucks and flip an easement project.   The real victims are the people who literally have to live under FERC and their decisions like Order 1000 . This is the true bloodsport of weak eminent domain regulations.  

Clean Line Energy has brought the front line battle of America's Energy War to us.  FERC doesn't even know America's high voltage transmission capacity but they want more transmission....for the windmills. 

FERC is the bloodsport.

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