Friday, September 13, 2013

Clean Line Energy Facebook

Hey Hey!! Clean Line Energy has a brand new Facebook Page!   No Really.  The closed down all of the individual Facebook pages,   RICL, GBE, P&ECL, and Centennial West, plus the main CLE Facebook page.   They were AWOL for a few days and now they have opened up shop with a new Facebook page with a “born on” date of September 9th.   

Clean Line Energy has one lonely friend who likes them.

Good luck posting any questions or comments there.   This new Facebook page is under lock down.   Perhaps  Michael Skelly and company are no longer interested in the opinions of the public.   Kind of ironic.  It was just last February Clean Line Energy won an award for its excellent use of social media and here is September and Clean Line Energy has completely lost control of the message on the internet.  

I wonder how many energy companies have learned from this mistake by Clean Line Energy.   Be very careful how you present yourself on Facebook.   A company cannot control the message when it’s open for comments by anyone in the public, and  a company risks losing control of the message when any Joe with a keyboard can leave a message.

Earlier this year, Clean Line briefly put their Facebook page under lockdown.   They opened it back up when they realized it was a huge step backward with their campaign of being an “open”   & “clean” company.  Now that Clean Line has put their new Facebook page under lockdown, the same problem exists.  

It’s apparent Michael Skelly has lost control of the message and this is an attempt to limit input and gain control back through limiting the flow of information.    His attempt to control the message with social media rules failed.  Consequently, this reduces their information quality to the level of mere propaganda.  

In the end, Clean Line Energy cannot silence and ignore the ratepayers who question the value of this project.  This mistake started when he turned over the company's message to an outside company like HDR Engineering.  Never turn over the company's message to a bunch of youngsters just out of college with fresh degrees in marketing and communications.  Looking back, I bet even Mike (Skelly) would admit he would have been better to take the stage and deliver the good and bad news himself.

Now Clean Line is in damage control.  Their attempts to change their image with the new Facebook page are out of desperation.    Gone are the Bicycles Teams with their neat jerseys.   Bicycles have been replaced by banners on the coral at a rodeo.   That was a smart move to take our advice and give it a more rural tone.  

The bicycle team represented disengagement to the targeted rural audience.   Rodeo banners are much more rural and macho.    Actually, the rodeo banners kind of remind me of scenes from the Matt Damon movie Promised Land as the outside corporation attempts to give a home grown appearance with a fair carnival.  

Just a suggestion, maybe next time sponsor a bounce house at the county fairs.  My daughter loves the bounce house.  A free bounce house for kids with HDR Engineering monkeys manning it would be a big draw.

11-14-2013 12:10 p.m. Clean Line Energy Facebook page has disappeared again.

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