Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Clean" Line Energy, Dairy Cattle and Stray Voltage

Here's an interesting story from about farmer opposition in Kansas.  Personally, I think its premature to say hvdc powerlines do not produce stray voltage that harm dairy cattle milk production.  I'd be curious about the data and studies. 

It's amazing just how much is  written about stray voltage from hvdc powerlines being corrosive and harmful to pipelines.  Sure, the Electromagnetic Field issue is different with a DC powerline as opposed to the traditional AC powerlines, but stray voltage is still an issue, as the pipeline industry.
A friend in the pipeline industry explained it to me this way.  A pipeline wants to be the most negatively charged thing in the ground.  Like a direct current powerline, the gas is flowing one way and can create a negative charge.  When a hvdc powerline is much more negatively charged.  When there is short or stray voltage (and there always is some to a varying degree) , the powerline can be a far greater negative charge than the pipeline.  To put it in simple terms, this reverse flow of charged atoms away from the pipeline causes to pipeline to corrode.

It's amazing how little documentation there is about the potential health hazards hvdc is to people, but there is so much written about the hazards of hvdc to an inanimate object like a pipe.

The internet is littered with studies like this one.

One last comment about pipelines.  Is the Rock Island Clean Line really going to locate next to the Northern Borders pipeline or is the proposed right of way going to change again for the "safety" of the pipeline?  Would RICL desire to place the pipeline in the middle of the field, well away from the fence line for the "safety" (potential future liability) to the pipeline?

 But no....according to "clean" line there is no hazard to people or dairy cattle.  Pardon me, I am having difficulty suspending my ability of disbelief to accept the claim stray voltage from a hvdc powerline is a problem to pipelines but not to dairy cattle.

Next week I'll probably read claims from hans&franz that living near a hvdc powerline cures gastroenteritis.

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