Monday, May 6, 2013

Will Rahm Emmanuel explain @ Windpower 2013 why Chicago left "clean" wind energy?

As I write this, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (the godfather) is addressing Windpower 2013, the American Wind Energy Association’s annual convention. 

I do hope Mayor Emmanuel explains to the wind industry why Chicago left ComEd because it wasn’t competitive with the high priced 20 year power purchasing agreements to the wind industry.  I hope Mayor Emmanuel explains to the wind industry why he supports “clean” energy but Chicago just cannot afford to pay over 50% for wind energy.

The State of Illinois mandates the price ComEd and Ameren must pay for wind energy.  Through aggragation and deregulation, municipalities like Chicago can choose to purchase energy from Alternate Energy Retail Suppliers and avoid ComEd with the high priced wind energy.  Alternate Energy Retail Suppliers are not bound to the 20 year power purchasing agreements that ComEd is tied to.  Alternate suppliers do not have to buy wind energy through the Illinois Power Agency like ComEd is force to do.  The truth is Mayor Emmanuel and the City of Chicago didn’t leave ComEd.  Chicago left high priced wind energy.  Looks to me like COmEd would have been much more competitive if it wasn’t for wind energy

Mayor Emmanuel has been a big advocate for “clean” energy.  The AWEA claims consumers are willing to pay more for “clean” energy, but the truth is, when given an opportunity even Chicago and Mayor Emmanuel will choose more economically priced energy every time. 

Illinois ratepayers do not need to pay excessively for “clean” energy.  The last thing Illinois needs now is powerlines built to transfer more overpriced wind energy from Iowa and Kansas.  Before we consider the Rock Island Clean Line and the Grain Belt Express, we need to clean up the dirty mess wind energy has created in Illinois.  Illinois needs a moratorium on powerlines for wind energy.   

Illinois needs to regulate wind energy just as it regulates all other energy companies. 

It would be nice to have Mayor Emmanuel take the wind industry behind the woodshed while he has the bully pulpit, but I doubt that will happen.  Rahm Emmanuel is a professional politician.  He’ll probably tell the wind industry what it wants to hear with something like “yeah wind!”  The industry will fawn all over the mayor and never consider the mayor sold them out and left ComEd because the wind energy was just too expensive.

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