Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Transmission and Teamwork

A recent TWEET by "Clean" Line Energy listed the above link and "Transmission and Teamwork".  After reading it, the implication was Rock Island “Clean” Line has a grassroots organization!  

Now maybe I'm jumping to conclusions here, but the twitter tweet and the blog sure implied the Council for Rural Affairs is the companies "grassroots" organization.  That is so cool.  Things were getting so boring around here. Clean Line Energy found a “grassroots” organization in Nebraska claiming to represent farmers and landowners in South Dakota and also this organization is partnering with the Iowa Environmental Council.

Somebody should have told this “grassroots” organization that Nebraska is a far-far away land from Illinois.  The Rock Island "Clean" Line doesn't even go through Nebraska!  Heck, why doesn’t RICL just go ahead and claim they have an Illinois “grassroots” organization with the Environmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago? At least this front group for Goliath Wind Business is in Illinois.

It’s good to see “Clean” Line Energy is sticking to the script and finding Astroturf organizations claiming to represent stakeholders (but not landowners…the other stakeholders).  Things were getting a tad…well quite.  Having a phony "grassroots" organization in Nebraska for a powerline through Iowa (though a route hasn’t been officially named yet) and Illinois is great. 

When is "Clean" Line Energy going to name a primary route through Iowa?  Are they waiting and hoping to optain public utility status in Iowa first, like Kansas?
Anyway, Plains & Eastern needs a “Clean” Line approved “grassroots” organization to represent Arkansas also!  I’m looking out for you here.  I think there was a great grassroots organization in West Virginia.  PATH used them but I'm having trouble coming up with the name.   

I found it!  The Coalition for Reliable Power!   As I understand it, they were quite an effective organization for AEP & First Energy when they attempted to build the PATH powerline.  I wouldn’t recommend "Clean" Line using the Arkansas COALition for Affordable and Reliable Energy.   ACARE looks to be either captured or another artificial group for a coal plant.  Their probably not an ideal group for “Clean” Line Energy in Arkansas, but they are a good example how several big energy companies need or create their own “grassroots” organizations in an attempt to downplay true grassroots opposition. 

The Coalition for Reliable Power is probably a much better fit for “Clean” Line Energy.  If “Clean” Line Energy doesn’t want to recognize BLOCKRICL for the preferred state grassroots organization, I’d recommend looking into the Coalition for the Illinois or Arkansas grassroots organization.

OK, I can’t go on with this.  It would be a violation of my own "social media rules".  The Coalition of Reliable Power was a “grassroots” organization created by some schmuck at Charles Ryan Associates, the PR firm hired to represent AEP & First Energy with the PATH powerline.  The PR company failed to register the name in West Virginia.  As I understand it, after the PATH powerline was declared dead, a few enterprising people in West Virginia claimed the name.  It was a brilliant move.  Take a phony grassroots organization name and turn it into something real.  Nice website.  Go there and see for yourself.

At least “Clean” Line Energy is smart enough to find an actual organization for its "grassroots" organization. It’s just from a state where the Rock Island Clean Line doesn’t pass through.  By the way Mike, you really need to hire a PR firm.  You’re getting clobbered in Illinois and having the Arkansas House propose a resolution that basically says “We don’t want “Clean” Line Energy in our state" isn’t good public relations.   

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