Sunday, May 26, 2013

More on the Illinois RPS, the Illinois Power Agency and Stupid Decisions

Lee County, Illinois has approved to seek lower prices through aggregation!  Lee County was the first county in Illinois to develop “wind farms”.  The relevance here is no one, even Lee County, wants to pay too much for energy and Lee County becomes another municipality to abandon the Illinois Power Agency with the deal Governor Quinn forced on the ComEd ratepayers.  Thank goodness Illinois lawmakers gave consumers a choice with aggregation. 

I love this part of the Daily Gazette (Sterling, Illinois) article;
Member Bob Gibler, R-Dixon, who opposes Dixon's efforts for aggregation, stayed silent during the voice vote. He later said aggregation isn't working.  "The county is not going to save that much," Gibler said in a telephone interview. "Even if they say you'll save 50 percent over a year's time, I want to make my own decision. If I make a stupid decision, that's my fault."

Who elected this guy?  He opposes seeking lower priced energy with a quote “If I make a stupid decision, that’s my fault”.  These people are elected to lead and make the best decisions for the county.  Sticking your head in the sand is a rather “stupid decision” and poor leadership.

Also in the news lately, there is the article in Midwest Energy News about the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard.  It’s fascinating to read some to the Twitter tweets.

Bill to fix Illinois renewable law expected to save ratepayers millions, but faces opposition from Exelon …

The article fails to mention how Illinois residents will save millions when we are already saving by leaving the RPS with wind energy’s high price.  Where is the “savings” coming from?  The article merely infers because ComEd opposes this “fix”, consumers are getting screwed.  Customers are leaving ComEd with the wind industry as they move to Alternate Retail Energy Suppliers. 

CUB Illinois also added a tweet.
Fixing Illinois' renewable energy law faces utility opposition, @MWenergynews reports  #Exelon

Cub Illinois did a better job making the inference with merely mentioning “utility opposition”, technically the utility opposes wind energy’s bill to “fix” the RPS in Illinois.  . 

CUB Wisconsin has a twit tweet that is even more naïve.

Utilities oppose #renewables law because lower rates make it hard to sell nuke power.  HT @MWenergynews

Again CUB shows their ignorance or perhaps the wind industry has just bought its support.  CUB denial and refusal to admit wind energy is the root cause for ComEd failure to be competitive is baffling.  Ratepayers are leaving ComEd because wind energy is too expensive. Why CUB refuses to go after the wind energy and expose the wind insustry’s high pricing is baffling.  Why is CUB singularly focused on making the utility company “evil” when the wind industry’s pricing is the problem? 

Perhaps CUB is more interested in self-perpetuation and blame everything on the utility company, but CUB’s position is squarely against seeking economically priced energy for Illinois consumers.

The Chicago Tribune recently had an article that did a better job explaining the situation with people leaving the Illinois Power Agency.  If Midwest Energy News wanted to be more accurate, they could explain the root cause of the failure for the Renewable Portfolio Standard is consumers preferring economically priced energy.  To “fix” this problem the big wind industry needs to lobby lawmakers for their “fix” and require Illinois ratepayers to buy high priced wind energy through the Illinois Power Agency regardless of who ratepayers chose as energy suppliers.  If the Midwest Energy News wasn't so biased towards the wind industry, they would have gotten ComEd's position on this matter.

Back in February 2013 I wrote my opinions on the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard and the mess at the Illinois Power Agency.  The IPA now has a new acting director.  I wish him the best of luck to clean up this mess and do not envy his position.  Stupid decisions aren't just made by county board members.  Springfield has made it's share since 2007.  I do hope the IPA's new acting director places a high priority on economically priced renewable energy.  Clean ing up a mess like this isn't going to be easy.  Perhaps the best fix for Illinois and the RPS is to just shutdown the IPA and start over.

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