Monday, April 8, 2013

Picking Winners and Losers with the Dept of Energy & Clean Line Energy

Fisker Auto is going bankrupt.  Yet another “winner” picked by this administration’s the Department of Energy is turning out to be a loser.  Dept of Energy doesn’t have a good record picking winners and losers.  Makes me wonder how the Department of Energy’s pick of Clean Line Energy’s Plains & Eastern Clean Line.

Lou Dobbs make a great point about this administration’s ability to pick winners and losers.  He can’t name one “winner” chosen by this administration’s Department of Energy.  That includes Plains & Eastern.  Mr. Skelly, you might want to go tell FOX NEWS just exactly how much a “winner” Plains & Eastern Clean Line really is….good luck with that one.

Not everyone thinks Plains & Eastern is such a great idea.  The Southwestern Power Resource Association thinks it’s a bad idea for the DOE to pick Plains and Eastern Clean Line as a winner with Section 1222.

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