Friday, April 19, 2013

Monopoles, Rock Island Clean Line Energy, and Right of Ways

This is not the property Clean Line Energy wants to put up a powerline.  This is the farm I live on.  My grandfather bought this 239 acres during the depression.  I think he paid $25 an acre.  The next right of way through here will have to pay 2000 times this amount per acre for their right of way. That's not a joke or bluff.  The next right of way through this pasture will pay at least $50,000 per acre.

Story has it, when my grandfather brought this farm, he drove the banker out from town to see the farm he just bought, and they got lost.  Grandpa didn't want to admit he didn't know where the farm he just bought was so he just drove around a little bit until he found the place.  

This farm has 89 acres of corn fields and the rest is pasture or hay fields.  It is some of the best pasture in the county, some of the worst corn fields, and a powerline runs through it.

These are the monopoles the "power company" put  through our pasture about 2 years ago. There about 80 feet tall.   The picture above was taken as the powerline leaves our property leaves our pasture and crosses the Fox River.  Due to recent rains, the river is overflowing.  The river is actually after the third pole.

The power company had to cut down several trees.  This is the largest pile.  There were two more piles.  At least 12 oaks were cut down for this powerline.  The wood should be dry enough.  Should have seen the pile from between our pasture and the river.  That pile was about 4 times this size.  I probably should get a wood burning furnace for the house.

These monopoles are about 80 feet tall and something like 100KV or 133kv AC, nothing compared to what Clean Line envisions.  These last two pictures are taken at the front end of the pasture, by the road.  The power company runs north of the several pipeline right of ways until it reaches our property.  As the powerline crosses, the road it moves to the south side of the existing pipeline right of ways.  There is a hill, creek and cliff on the south side of this powerline.

When another utility company wants to come through here, there is no more room for another right of way a the west end by the road.  There's an open pit mine to the north of this pasture and this hill, cliff, and houses to the south.  The hills farther east get much worse.  The future utility companies and these existing utilities companies are going to have to start sharing these right of ways and pile up on top of each other.

Yes, the next company that wants to put a powerline through here will probably do like the last one and survey the right of way from satellite  photos.  They will just draw it out on paper.  No one will come out and see this isn't flat land.  It will be fun trying to explain to them you just can't draw a right of way out on paper and expect the land to cooperate.

Yes, there is a powerline in my backyard.  We've seen our share of Right of Ways and suffered our share of Rural Economic Discrimination.  No, my family didn't dispute the last 2 pipelines, this powerline, or the Northern Border pipeline through the field my great grandfather bought.  My great grandfather didn't even disagree with the now abandoned pipeline through the field RICL now wants to pass through.

I expect to see another two or three right of ways come through in my lifetime.  The Rock Island Clean Line is the only proposed right of way we've ever opposed and argued its worthiness.  This is not because we don't want the RICL powerline through our farm.

Like Arkansas, we don't even want Clean Line Energy and their overpriced unneeded wind energy in our state!

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