Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Key drivers for growth of Midwest Wind.

Talking points for  "Key Drivers for Growth of Midwest Wind"

1.  Powerlines
2.  Powerlines
3.  Powerlines
4.  Stop the growth of off shore winds.
5.  Obtain "FEDERAL SITING AUTHORITY" by any means necessary for more powerlines.
5a. Play nice with states utility commissions, but focus on the DOE for support to obtain eminent domain.
6.  Adopt an "All-of-the-above; except everything but wind" energy strategy
7.  Oppose Coal
8.  Oppose Natural Gas
9.  Oppose Fracking
10.Oppose nuclear
11.Use laws federal laws to benefit hydroelectric for wind energy.
12.Lobby for Multistate Transmission Siting Compacts
13.Lobby for more Renewable Portfolio Standards
14.Lobby for more 20 year power purchase agreements at generous pricing from the states.
15.Promote the myth that the public is willing to pay more for "clean" wind energy
16.Lobby for more regulations to discourage consumer choice away from high priced wind energy through Alternate Retail Energy Suppliers

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  1. 17. Try to subsidize your unprofitable endeavor by asking for regional cost allocation of your "merchant" transmission project.