Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arkansas Legislature tells Clean Line to "Suck It" with House Res 1031

How else do explain it.  When has a legislature told a wanna-be utility company we don't want you in our state period? 

...and Clean Line says everyone loves them.  Looks more like the entire state hates them.

I don't recall a state going to this extreme to tell a company we don't want you in our state and we find the manner you conduct business offensive..

Well I guess Arkansas won't be sending out the Nation Guard to protect this powerline while being built like Minnesota had to do with the HVDC CUPowerline in the late 1970's.


  1. Apparently there are some things corporate money can't buy. Bravo, Arkansas!

  2. Who would have thought Arkansas would see through the "transparent as the bottom of a septic" ploys of these venture capitalists before Illinois. Get with it Illinois. We citizens don't like to be tread upon by power lines. Thanks Shad for the great phrases.