Wednesday, February 20, 2013

China Hackers attack the Energy Grid ....Remember Grid 2030?

Energy Grid Company hit by Hackers

I saw that headline and immediately thought of my friend Jimmy.

Explain to us again how a super-mega-powerline-highway makes America safer.

For those who forgot, Jimmy Glotfelty's masterpiece from his time with the Department of Energy in the Cheney Administration was GRID 2030

For some weird reason....I can't imagine why....The ChiComs felt it necessary to translate Jimmy's GRID2030 into Chinese (not to be confused with FERCenese)

Soooo....Wouldn't a 3,500 MW powerline from Iowa to Illinois make those dependent on its energy more vulnerable for attack by terrorists?

There is the claim that interconnections on a DC line between MISO and PJM create links but maintain independence, but isn't is even safer to keep MISO and PJM as independent as possible.  

So, lets take a moment and give Jimmy thanks for giving the Chinese Hackers the inspiration to shutting down America's energy transmission system.

Thanks Jimmy!

2/21/2013  8:22 a.m.
OK, I really don't believe Jimmy G. is really the root cause to the ChiComs attempting to hack into "the Grid".  Grid 2030 probably did not give them the idea.  Grid 2030 translated to Chinese probably wasn't the roadmap to e-terrorism.  However, lets use this as a comparison.  

The Blackout in Northeastern states was caused by a lack of proper tree maintenance under a powerline, but yet we had "experts" testify before the United States Senate and anyone who would listen using it as a scapegoat to justify more transmission and anything else lobbyist could sell.  Some of these guys are still pedaling missinformation.

Reminds me of  that Rahm Emmanuel quote.


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