Friday, December 28, 2012

Zilkha Confidential Agreements and the Windfall

Tell me the "clean" energy industry isn't dirty!

Zilkha Energy Wind Farm Neighbor Easement Agreement.

Found this at the Illinois Wind Watch This is an interesting contract.  It is not about an easement to give physical access to a windmill through a neighboring property.  This agreement says for $1,000 a year for the next 20 years, I will be "happy" living under the shadow (literally) of a windmill.

I can see why Zilhka wanted to keep these agreements confidential.  American Wind Energy Associations (AWEA) says everbody loves living under windmills.  There was even a psuedo-economist who actually wrote a report that said any objections to living under windmills only comes from people with a NIMBY attitude.  Even former Senator Todd Seiben says it is a privilege to have the RICL powerline running through your field.

Zilkha's payoff to windfarm neighbors reminds me of another movie. WINDFALL

The trailer for WINDFALL reminds me of another movie trailer I saw recently.   PROMISED LAND!

Was Promised Land really about frac drilling or wind?  "Green" and "clean" wind isn't as "evil" as fracing for natural gas.  

I guess people really do regret having windmills built near their houses. How many windmills does it take to fill a 4,000MW powerline?  How many acres does it take to fill this powerline?

How many  Neighbor Easement Agreements will have to be written in Iowa to feed RICL's 4,000MW monster?

How many Neighbor Easement Agreements will potentially by written and signed by Zilkha's new business, Clean Line Energy for this powerline??

Thank you Illinois Windwatch for posting the Zilkha Energy Wind Farm Neighbor Easement Agreement.

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