Saturday, December 8, 2012

RICL's Ridiculous Motion at the ICC for the RICL RULES

I hope somebody at the ICC will please throw the RIDICULOUS RICL penalty flag!

At 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon, RICL made a motion to the ICC.  Looks like a trend here.  Late Friday afternoon RICL makes their filings to the ICC.

When RICL made there do-over application to the ICC on October 10 the company's balance sheet and profit and loss statement was submitted as "confidential & proprietary" .  That alone I find offensive.  This company is the next Enron and this is an example how Clean Line Energy refuses to be fully vetted by the Illinois stakeholders of this project.   

As the stakeholders of this project where RICL wants to put this powerline through our properties, farms, and neighborhoods, we should have a right to know the financial viability of the company.  More is known about small time Cornbelt Electric Cooperative than Clean Line Energy's financials.  More is known about Kinder Morgan whose pipelines pass through my family's pasture than is known about RICL's finances.   Transcanada owns the Northern Border Pipeline that passes through my family's farm and more is known about their finances than RICL's.

RICL's finances should be open to the public for viewing.  This company needs to be fully vetted.  We need to know exactly who wants to build this powerline across our properties!  A balance sheet and income statement for Clean Line Energy ... Rock Island Wind... Rock Island Clean Line ....what every name the company chooses to be called is not unreasonable. 

Furthermore, it is not RICL's place to make further ground rules.  They are not entitled to home field advantage with the ICC.  The Illinois consumer is entitled to this advantage when the visiting team is a venture capital company desiring to be declared a public utility.  

With RICL's attorney making this motion, RICL wants to further limit the information available to the public.   The proposed RICL Rules are beyond ridiculous with absurdity.  These are my  interpretations of just the first four RICL RULES.

Rule #1  If I read it correctly Rule #1 says anything RICL deams as "Confidential & Proprietary" shall be classified as such until the ICC determines otherwise.

Rule #2  "Confidential" information will be kept from the public, but everything that is currently in public view shall not be reclassified as confidential.

Rule #3.  The public shall not know the true cost of this electricity.  Costs and pricing shall remain private and kept out of the public view.

 Rule #4 "Critical Energy Infrastructure Information"  a.k.a  "National Security" information shall remain private and out of public view. 

There is a huge problem with all of these RICL RULES.  Potentially, all financial information can be considered confidential and out of the public’s view.  Anything having to do with costs or pricing could be out of the public's view. all the remainder information can likely shall fall under the classification of "national security".  This motion by RICL also says to me they have no intention of telling us the true cost of this electricity.  

After these “confidential” omissions, the only information the Illinois public and consumer are only left with is the absurd claims of Hans Detweiler who claims the price of electricity will go down with RICL bringing so much electricity to Illinois

What other public utility in Illinois refuses to tell the ICC and consumers what the final cost of their product will be?

What other public utility in Illinois refuses to tell the consumers what the cost of their electricity will be?

I fully expect if these RICL RULES are allowed to be implemented, nothing relevant will further be posted on the ICC website and open for public consumption as RICL will argue nearly everything new submitted to the ICC will be classified as "confidential".

Real public utilities in Illinois work under a cost allocation principle where government regulators monitor costs and approve costly projects such as RICL and a reasonable profit margin is determines.  But RICL is different.  RICL is a "merchant transmission line" where costs cannot be directly passed to the consumers.  Even still, consumers and the public have a right to know what the projected cost of this electricity.

Looks like RICL is asking to be classified as a public utility in Illinois but not follow the rules every real public utility in Illinois operates by. 

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  1. First, congratulations on getting your blog online, Scott! Sunshine is always the best disinfectant -- let the truth shine on! I've read and enjoyed all your posts so far.

    As far as "confidentiality" goes... is RICL asserting that public access to its balance sheet and financial info. would cause harm to its business? That's not CEII information. Why do you think public knowledge of RICL's finances would hurt its business? I seem to recall FERC telling them that they are not excused from filing financial information for their project. Just because RICL proposes information to be confidential does not make it so.

    As far as releasing information on a Friday afternoon, that trick is as old as the hills. It is to prevent widespread attention to the information and/or prevent opposition from immediately countering it. Silly games for silly folks!