Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remind you of anybody?

Promised Land

Watch the video!

Remind you of anybody?

 Did Hans Detweiler sell the rights to his personal story to Hollywood?

If he did, I bet he got more than what RICL is offering for a Right of Way!

When they say gas and I hear "powerline".   When the guy is hammering a sign in his front yard, I'm seeing "BLOCK RICL".

I would imagine this is the way the conversation goes when RICL offers $7,000  per mile to the county for the counties support to push RICL on the community.

Today is a great day to see that video.

Loved the last 2 lines of the video.

Land agent:  "We're a 9 billion dollar company.  Do you know what we are capable of?"
Response:     "Do you?"

Yes, we are capable of so much. 

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  1. Well, the transmission owners apparently don't know what we're capable of either. ;-) Don't you just looooooooove surprises?